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    UPS csalled, it will be delivered sometime tomorrow between 8am and 7pm. Problem is..I have to be home to sign for it and If they come before 4pm, I will miss them! Why do I nhave to sign for it? I have received more expensive items from Pet supplys, they just leave the box. I won't be home Mon either.I so want my GH! I don't have ups guy who finds me out there and gives me my package.....Waaaaaaaaaa.

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    Can you have a neighbor sign for it? I think but not sure, that if it's a business delivery you have to sign for it. I am probably wrong LOL but it seems if I have something shipped to my home it's left, biz it's signed for.
    There are usually options on the UPS ticket. Sometimes you can even call them and deliver it elsewhere.


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      Leave a note that tells him where to leave the box and sign it.
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        I've always left a note on the door to the UPS guy saying "please leave any packages" along with my name and signature. It's always worked. It may not for you, depending on your delivery guy, but maybe give it a try?


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          I think you can ask a neighbor to receive it for you, as long as you put a note on your door tell the ups where to go ( not to far from your home ), they will deliever to your neighbor's home. My neighbor does that, she even had two options, the next door or the next next door, and one of us would take it for her.
          No panic, the ups doesn't want to come twice, you know.


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            UPS Not Here Yet...

            One hour to go and no UPS guy yet. I left a note, but I don't thinkn it would still be there if he went to neighbors..doesn't he need to keep my signature? I like the dogs, know the sound of the truck.....I get excited. woooo, woooo a package for me!! Later the bill comes.