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I'm looking for a miniature poodle

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  • I'm looking for a miniature poodle

    I'm looking for a Miniature poodle. Would prefer a retired showdog as I would like a good coat. Female, no more than perhaps 5 years old. NO interest whatsoever in breeding but would just like a personal dog I can 'fru fru'. Day after day after day of shaving dogs naked makes me nuts, and I'd like to have a dog that LOOKS like it's supposed to! I've also found in the past, that having a well groomed dog in the shop tends to give customers incentive to take better care of theirs, and I've usually had Standards, but I'm getting too old to maintain one that size. A Mini is perfect. I live in the Tampa Bay area. Anyone who may know of a dog needing a home, please email me @ [email protected]


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    not sure if you'll be able to find a beauty queen, but i think it's worth looking into!



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      Have you tried
      Many beautiful poodles (and other breeds) in need from a good home.
      Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!


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        You might try going to the local dog shows and talking to the breeders there. Often times there is someone looking to place a retired show dog, or a puppy that has gone oversize.

        However, when I was looking for a miniture poodle, I found that most of those show coats were just as soft as pet coats...they just had tons of spray in them!