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It took two hours, but I did it!

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  • It took two hours, but I did it!

    The picture of me @ age seventeen is next to avatar on the member list. I would not go thru larger. maybe it can be enlarged. It was the hardest on to put up,but I was determined. I didn't think it went thru. Someday I will send a current photo of me and how I have aged. Many pounds heavier now, with bags under eyes...just a typical older lady now.

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    Hehe, I know you feel such a sense of completion since you finally got that pict posted. I know when I first started fiddling w/my computer I was so proud of my accomplishments.

    That aside, all I can really tell about your pict is that you had a great figure (you dolly The pict is not big enough to really be able to tell anything else except that you aren't oriental. Keep on trying, you are getting there!!! BTW I love the picts on other threads of Traveler, he is a handsome little fella!
    SheilaB from SC


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      Yay you got it. Thats a far away pic but you looked so cute!


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        Hot mama!! lol Very pretty!!


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          Well heck, you've done better than me!!! I still have one the board offers. I can't seem to get the hang of posting pics or avatars.

          You look just beautiful.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            You Should see me now

            I sent that pic anonymous to my best friend from age 11. I wonder if she will recognize it as me. Eve doesn't look all that different. I have her recent from her daughters' wedding. She never gained all that much. She tinted her hair (salt and pepper) for the wedding I guess. She looks great. No sagging skin, bags under eyes. She exercises and does resistance weights for her bones. I did have a good figure until age 40 something...then fater and fatter. Oh well, think of me like the Golden Gate Park pic.I was noty so thin there. I pack it in rear and thighs. Oner gal from a few yrs ago HS reunion picture shocked me. She looked like time stood still....still pretty and very much the same. I dunno how they do it. No face lift, just lucky genes.