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I went to Kinkos tonight

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  • I went to Kinkos tonight

    I went to Kinkos tonight to transfer pic to the board. They do NOT do that. But, a nice guy who works with computers did thes e for me for $20.00.It wasn't easy. A few didn't go thru, so I will trey on my own and see if I can do it. It cost $7 for time on internet, $20 for helper, and $5 for disc. So please view my pictures on the pictures with friends section. They also came up general. If that was wrong, I am sorry, I did the best I could do to get them up there.I have a Verizon good pic of Halle just groomed, but have no clue how to send from my cell phone.This is Mustluvdogs

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    Posted Pics!

    YAY!!! You did it...I just viewed all your pics. They're GREAT!! Your dogs are just gorgeous and I loved all their little outfits. You're so talented...You can paint too! You go girl - Thanks for sharing your pics with us!!!!!!