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  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Mathathon

    I've NEVER done this before, very awkward. Ok, so this is WAY off topic and maybe not even allowed but if it's not I guess you'll never see it Anyhow my daughter Allison is in a Mathathon contest to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, she does math questions in a workbook and turns it in to her grade school. She's in 2nd grade and loves math. Well usually I just write a check for the $35 she needs to get her Mathathon t-shirt but this year she actually asked family and friends to help out and what got me the most was she put in all of her own money, which was $15.00. So far she has $60 and I haven't put in my contribution yet. I hate when she has to hit up folks for money, lots of people around our neighborhood can't afford it (myself included usually) and it puts them on the spot but I figured on this board no one would feel obligated b/c there's not a little face in front of them but if you'd like to donate you could and help her out at the same time. I've included the link in case you have some extra tip money you'd like to contribute. The school is in WV, the school name is Oak Hill Elementary and the student to sponsor is Allison S. The deadline is March 12, 2007.