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Potty training??

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  • Potty training??

    Can someone give me idea's on how to do it? I just got this Cockapoo, a day ago and I'm at a total loss. My shih tzu is doing like a house potty training thing where he eliminates on a potty pad and I'm happy with it. He makes small stools so it's pretty easy to clean. May I mention he pee's like a girl. He doesn't lift his leg.

    Now I have this bigger dog I'd say medium size. He does lift his leg to pee and wants to pee on everything. The worst part is, he's been in a cage for a year at a puppy store. That's the only reason I bought him, because I saw him 6 months ago and when I stopped to get shampoo he was still there. It broke my heart and I bought him.

    I had to wrestle him to even get a collar on. To top that off he doesn't walk. I had to drag him into the grass and then he doesn't even sniff he just sits there. I'm so frustrated. I stood there for like 20 minutes and he didn't sniff not once.So then I drag him back into the house. Then he's lifting that leg to pee on everything. I screamed NO, then dragged him out again. I'm going nuts.

    Crate training might not work good because he's been in a cage for a year.

    Thanks in advance for any info!!

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    Sounds like he needs more work than any advice we can give you...

    Get him into a training program. Call a trainer in your area and get started.

    But with the potty training thing, stand outside with him until he goes. It can take hours. You just have to be patient. When he finally goes outside, praise him and give him a treat.

    Because he was in a crate so long he went where ever he could. Pet stores don't walk the dogs. They let them go potty in the crates and hopefully they clean them out. So he doesn't know he's doing anything wrong. He's used to going potty inside.

    Congrats and good luck.


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      Oh my goodness, a new baby! And you rescued him! How sweet of you! I love cockapoos by the way. Ok, so now about the pottying in the house - this is going to take time I'm afraid. He's dealing with lots of issues and you're going to have to have some mega patience. I know how frustrating the pee-ing is!! My baby Lhasa who's 9 months old has a bladder the size of a thimble and she really can't hold it long at all - so we're always going around cleaning up tiny little puddles...Yuck! Thankfully she's a she and doesn't do the leg lifting thing though! Good luck, we're here when you need to vent about the pee. If I think of some magnificient advice I'll pm you.


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        Thank you so much for the input. This poor dog has major issues. I tried to take him to park and I looked rediculous. I had to drag him. Kids kept saying, he don't want to go with you. Then I'd have to explain the whole story. I really hope I can be patient. Thank you so much again Raggs and Milhasavilla. Here's some pictures of him.
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          There are some scent stakes that you can buy at the pet stores that encourage them to pee, kind of like what is in the wee wee pads. Give one of those a try. Be patient and praise the heck out of him when he does good. You are doing the right thing by yelling NO. As soon as he starts to go yell and pick him up and take him right out. Confine him to a smaller room with you, so you don't have to chase him.
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            Spike was in a cage for a year before I got him, and so when I put him in a crate to go to my 2 hour class that I taught and come back---he'd already pooped and finger painted! UGH...

            So couldn't do that anymore, no more crates for a LONG time.

            Do you have a backyard? If so, leave the critter out there for a while. Eventually he'll walk around. He's just never really been out of his area before and so he's probably scared, overwhelmed and who knows what else. If it's not too cold, leave him outside, let him figure things out on his own, on his own timeframe.

            Eventually Spike learned that he could NOT pee in the house (UGH---he even peed THROUGH the sliding glass door screen in the summer trying to make it outside, LOL), but eventually he got it. He also forgot about what it was like to be in a crate. Now he sleeps in his crate next to my bed at night and if he "really" has to go, he wakes me up. 99.9% of the time he sleeps through the night.

            I'm sorry I don't have any better ideas, but the dog definitely needs some time. I think he's not "normal" because of how he's had to live.

            Tammy in Utah
            PS: Get your shampoo somewhere else! lol
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