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Picked up my blades today

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  • Picked up my blades today

    I picked up my blaes and bought a les pooch de mat brush ($56) seemed a little higher than expected. Malissa called to tell me I should pick up my blades. All the groomers are gone and she does the few that come in. Only two today. I suggested she get Stephens' family book. She said she has it. She must not have read it because she isn't following his advice. Last Wed evening open house grand opening. Still no dogs! It is a very cute shop with many hydralic and electric tables, toys, clothes, jewelry for humans. Seating area w/ wrought iron tale, and one outside. New equipment...ready to dogs. I can't imagine when, if ever it will bw a school. A;so, no groomer photos on web site now. I think it is a good location, but they need sandwich signs on all entrances and a person in a dog suit to wave. No receptionist ( mom @ dog show) no bather, but, no dogs. SAD. Wonder why.So, I remain mobile.I got my Les pooch de matter tho. Halle.....Here halleeee. Come here girl...... ( No way ladeeee, she says)

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    Glad you got your blades and brush. Last time I was there she had a few dogs, but it's still too new, and the spring rush is a few weeks away yet, at least for here, (AZ). Once those temps start climbing into the 80's and 90's everyone will look at these raggity mops, and the phones will start ringing.

    Did you get my pm? I need to know if you are still interested in clients, need business cards if you do.