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Oooh I can't read that tail or leg stuff.

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  • Oooh I can't read that tail or leg stuff.

    Even tho my Schnauzers have cropped ears and docked tails, if I think about it, especially Travelers botched 2 time ear crop, I think they look mutilated. I also think a Schnauzer with natural tail looks funny. Ears if they sit weel look cute. I do wish puppy owners would be shown yiou can train the ears ro fold. Crease them and continue to run finger across bend w/ baby oil. tape or even glue to scull fur. It does work . It is sad to see rabbit ears that could have been trained. It is the teething time that is critical.Please don't be so grafic on the horror stories. I know without reading how awful it was from comments. Ohhhh. No can read!!!