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human related vinegar question

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  • human related vinegar question

    so ive been reading about using vinegar rinses on here,havent used it myself,but hope to soon,but ive heard its good to remove buildup up from pets fur,does it also remove buildup in our hair,and if it does,is it safe to use on colored hair,my hair has lots of buildup,and the clarifying shampoos are expensive and dont work good either
    thanks for your replies

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    Vinegar is safe to use on our hair. I'm not sure if there would be a chemical reaction from your hair color since the vinegar is acidic. You might want to speak with your hair dresser before using vinegar.


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      White Vinegar

      White vinegar (Cheap @ Costco) gets rid of soap. To get rid of hair product build up I use Prell. Hi detrrgent, so is Johnsons' Baby shampoo. My hair is colored. In fact it weas too orangey so she put a blie toner on it. I hated that, it made it dull weird color. Soooo, I washed it severl times in a row w/ Prell. Not as orangy, and looked ok until my med brown roots, that look really dark in contrast statred to grow in. I want my real color back with blonde weave only framing face a bit. Try using White Vinegar on a lock of hair and see. I doubt it will hurt it. didn't hurt mine,and it has several bleached and tinted shades in it.


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        I also think that vinegar tends to bleach out hair a little bit (could be wrong)
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          Vinegar shouldn't be a problem unless you're using a henna rinse.