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please share your pets nicknames

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  • please share your pets nicknames

    i just thought this would be fun,and im so bored at work right now,its been a slow week,actually a s-l-o-w month,scared how im gonna pay my rent this month,anyways,i have really goofy names let alone nicknames for my pets
    so here i go
    eli-dog-big e,goofy butt,nit-wit,naughty,hairy boy,big baby
    toto-dog,frodo,toto chaos,my boy,furry butt,
    alfredo-cat.tay tay,frey frey,big al,skits,al,fat boy
    dexter-cat,termite,blue eyes,fake siamese,clown face
    snappy tom-cat,orange boy,grumpy,furry friend,lil monster,snappy delite
    june bug-cat,bug,buggy,june goon
    i have more pets,but my mind is drawing a blank right now will add more later
    cant wait to read yours

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    Tam Lin(Mastiff) Tam Monster, Mud Monkey, StinkBug, Piggie. Big Mook,
    Ace (GSD) FluffButt, Pookie, Fluffernutter, Butthead


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      For Biscuit- fatty, old lady, tub-o-lard, Bicky, Beeky, Bippy
      For Penny- Penny-doodles sometimes stinky-butt, but it's usually Moron (or Mor-mor), Stupid, Dummy
      Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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        A few come to mind.
        Romeo, a Schnauzer mix- Rome, Mo Mo.
        Joey, a Chinese Crested- Joseph Wotion.
        Festus, a pound Poodle- Fetter, Fes-a-les-a-wis- is.
        Sugar, a beautiful little old Schnauzer- SugarBear, Sue-gars
        Chris, a Pom x Spaniel something- He was a Christmas stray.
        Chrisser, Chris Kringle


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          Guys we did this before.....

          Remember when I asked not long ago? It went on sooo long I was embarrassed. Many responses. But....cute to read.If the monitors don't mind, i don't. I already told you mine. Halle is Halens, Hal lay loooo looo howling to get her to think I'm crying so she comes. Lu lu, sweetie wootens. snookums. squeeze bottom. Love to squeeze her rear. Jax: jacker doots, jackums wacky jackie. Traveler: Travi, Travli loots ,Travlins. Lu Deee. Ludikins, Lutie,sweet poops. Pooper doops. The Stinko Brothers. Many more, I forget.I sing to halle. Hal lay, hal lay lu yaaah. On and on .Her name is Hallelujah. Its a praise word I love.She doesn't always deserve to be praised. Did you do that? No No !


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            I have nick names for my grooming dogs too

            Jacki -Jacki Wacki
            Buster -Busser man
            Chopper- Chop man
            Lacie -Stink pot, then I thought Hmmm, Maybe not good
            OK Lacie- Tea Pot (She's really not stinky just popped in my head.)

            Patch - Patch Girrrrl
            Sophie -Soapy Sophie Soffer


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              My GSP Augie- Augue Doggie, Auger,The King,Aug

              My mix Lola-Lola Bunny, Bunn

              And My St.Poo Rex- Poodle Puffer, Sexy Rexy, Rexer-Roo
              What does a dog do on it's day off?


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                I don't have nick names for my dogs, but there are nick names for the dogs that board at my work.

                Cowboy (Aussie) - Cow pie, Cow sh*t, and sh*tty pants.. If you can't guess this dog poops himself every single time he's in

                Freddy (Beagle) - Fatty, Tub O

                Sascha (Dobie mix) - Sausage

                Tequila (Min Pin) - AA lol

                Angelique (Great P.) - Angefreak

                Pabloe (G.P) - Pobnobber

                and many many more


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                  I Love My Dogs!! LOL!!!!

                  There are a LOT of them!!! LOL!!!

                  Rusty (Rat Terrier)- Rutrey, Rut, Rooter, Rooster, RoosRoos, Piggy, Little Man, Dog, Bat Dog, Roo Roo and Russell (when he is in trouble),

                  Scout (Beagle)- Scooter, Scoot, Scouter, Boo Boo, Goo Goo, Fatty, Piglet, Baby, Dog, Puppers, Poopy, Hound, Hounddog, Fat Dog and Cowt (My little cousin couldn't pronounce her S).


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                    Buddy (white, shorthair cat): Budrick, Bud, Fat Boy, Fatty and Keeka-mow
                    Ozzy (blk lab x): Ozz, Ozzfest, "Z", Poop, Pooper and Ozzman


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                      Oli, longhaired dachshund: Baby Peanut, Mr. Man, Fuzz Butt. Mr. Scamper Butt, Captain Corn Dog.

                      Whizzy, longhaired mini dachshund, formerly known as Izi: WhizBang, Whizzy Peewort, Little Mr. Man, Whizzy the Pooh, Whizzy the Christmas Poo, Hush Puppy.

                      The fish all have names, but they don't have nicknames, except one. My Chinese Algea Eater. He's 7 inches long, gets himself into places he can't get out of, and gets called Ming, You Azz.


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                        Scully is scully-wally-woo
                        Bud (our blind slow standard) Dee de de (yes mind of mencia) It is not to be mean if you met him you would know why.
                        We used to have a feral cat named stich who was also the godfather


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                          My Dogs : Ruby: Ruggles, ruggles K. buggles, Boogie, rutu, shug, sugar butt
                          Dakota: kota mota, Dak, dakula, D.K., D, goofy.
                          Cats: Clawdia: Clawdie maudie, Claws, june bug, june june, clawdiejunjun.
                          Ben: Tiger meger myger. tig


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                            We have lots of them

                            Dogs: River, Big boy, Rivvy, Rivvy Riv
                            Explorer, Freak (he's a little loony sometimes), Expo, and on occasion PITA
                            Seville, Villa, Villa nova, Villy, Villy monster
                            Oprah, Oppy, Oppy Bear, Oprah Win, Bear

                            Cats: Mazy, Moo Moo Kitty, Moo Moo
                            Toby, Fuzzy Boy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy face
                            Mika, Mikky, Meek, Mik


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                              Tobler is stink a bink, binky doodle, bink bink, turd burgler, a-hole sometimes,
                              If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!