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  • permission for pictures?

    For those with websites for your grooming business, do you get verbal or written permission to put the before/after photos, or ANY dog's photos in your website? I have before/after photos of when I was training at a petsomething and wasn't sure if I needed permission to use them for a website I'm building. Even for clients I do now, should I get permission first?

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    I do. I have a section they sign when they fill out my new client/disclaimer form on their first visit.


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      Yes get permission. Even while you own the copyright to the photos you need to have a model release for the naimals. Better to avoid a lawsuit. Usually I offer a client copies of the photo.


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        I'd also like to point out the use of copyrighted photos from online sources, ALways make sure any photo you use has a free use. Using a photo froma site that you have no permission for can get you in trouble. This includes downloading a photo to hang in your shop to using a photo as an avatar. Copyright infringement is highly protected and can lead to big trouble. Married to a photographer you hear about copyright isues all the time!


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          So how would I go about making an official "release form"?