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IL state house vote TODAY would limit crulety inveatigations please call 2 oppose

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  • IL state house vote TODAY would limit crulety inveatigations please call 2 oppose

    Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 9:25 AM
    Subject: Please Call To oppose House Bill 1018 vote scheduled at 2PM

    The Dept of AG has asked that legislation be introduced that would severley limit, basically shutdown, the State approved Humane investigators ability to investigate animal neglect and cruelty cases. The proposed wording woul eliminate the ability for Humane investigators to investigate a call without prior approval from Dept of AG. When Dr. Bromwell was in charge of Dept Ag he set up this program to help speed up the process of investigating animal neglect and cruelty complaints, and to save taxpayers thousands of dollars. Since Dr Bromwell retired, and Dr. Okeefe was hired, the Dept of Ag has been much less supportive of animal neglect and cruelty calls, almost non supportive of the Approved Humane investigators. According to the ASPCA Illinois used to have one of the best Dept of Ag in the country, now it is one of the worst.

    Many humane societies in Illinois handle hundreds of calls per year, many are dogs and cats are without water in the summer, and without food or shelter in the winter. Others are abused and beaten. Without the volunteer State approved investigators the Dept of Ag employess would be overwelmed, and would need more manpower, or the calls would go unhandled. Most of the complaints go to the phone lines of the humane societies, and are handled through the charity organizations with no cost to the State!!. House Bill 1018 would severely limit the help the animals receive, and potentially cost taxpayers if more staff would be added to Dept of AG.

    Please call the members of commitee for Agriculture below and ask them to not move forward with Bill HB1018, and that Illinois would be taking a major step backward in the humane treatment of animals. Below are the Ag committee members and their springfield number, and their local office number. The assistants normally have a tally going on Bills pending and will add you names to the opposing list.

    This Bill was brought up without and notification to the State approved Humane Investigators, Humane societies, and without their knowledge. That is why the short notice. If it was not for the ASPCA legal dept notifying the investigators this would be moving along quietly behind everyones backs.

    Please Call and pass this on to anyone you feel could help!
    If you are an IL resident and want to find your representative go to:

    You should also contact the Department of Agriculture to express your concern.
    Dept of Ag's number is: 217-782-6657.
    Thank You

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    House Bill 1018 will NOT be called, thanks to the overwhelming efforts on your part. Legislators said that their phones "were ringing off the hooks" today. The plan is to re-write this legislative proposal, with more emphasis on training and education, rather than impeding humane investigators' ability to perform their important jobs. There is absolutely no way this could have been accomplished without all of your calls today, and the e-mails that some of you sent earlier.

    Thank you... from all of the animals who depend on us humans.
    Froward from:
    Carol Rodgers
    APL Dog Adoption Coordinator