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I think he has Liver disease or cancer

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  • I think he has Liver disease or cancer

    I had traveler on my lap last night. His skin is extremely flaky. Thyroid? He is very boney. I can feel his chest bone, shoulders, ribs, hips. I weighed him with both of us on the scale.He lost two pounds since vet two Mondsys ago. He eats + Biscuits. This is not good. He walks and seems not to be in pain. He is like he is 14, not like sturdy Jax only one month younger. I am trying to prepare to let go when his time comes. I can't imagine he will be here this July2 for is 12th birthday.

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    Has he been to the vet for diagnosis?

    Maybe it's just old age. It tends to make organs slow dow and become diseased. It's really sad watching your life long friends become, tired, old and sick it breaks my heart. It's just not fair the shorter life span animals have as compared to us. Just keep holding him and comforting him and make the best of your quality time together is the only advise I can give.


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      Is this the same dog that you have been treating for Valley Fever? If so, you could be seeing some side effects from the drugs.

      Check for signs of dehydration; pull the skin on his back up and release it. If it tents, rather than falling back to normal, he's dehydrated.

      Check gums for paleness or deep redness. Neither one is normal.

      Check his eyes and gums for a yellowish tinge. This could indicate a liver problem.

      Check his urine. Is it pale yellow and clear? Or is it dark yellow, almost orange (another sign of dehydration), dark rusty brown, or does it have streaks or gobs of blood in it?

      Then call your vet and report everything you've observed.


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        Yes, same ol Traveler. He has incredible dry big flakes skin. He drinks a fair amount of water. urine has been dark rusty in just lemon yellow. I seeplenty of samples on my ceramic floor in my bathroom. Of course there is Jax also. I have seen Travi pee in front of dog door...lemon yellow. Tomorrow lite day, so I will check w/ vet.Good appetite. I think if he were on his death bed he would say "Is that a biscuit? wait! I'll eat that first before I croke.Love that boy!It is good I have Jax who is one month younger B/S Schnauzer to compare to.Oh, B/S is black & silver.


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          What does the inside of his mouth look like. Sometimes with liver problems their tongue and gums will turn a grayish tint and their breath really tends to smell a lot. Defiantly see the vet!!! I have seen pets live for a very long time with liver issues, but they need a special diet.


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            Diamie had liver disease and drank a lot and pee'd everywhere. She ate well. Vet gave us a drug called Lipovet to help. They found it with blood sample and comfirmed with u/s.
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