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  • Runaway Standard Poodle

    Last Thursday I was driving down a nearby street towards my salon. There on the side of the road I see a clients, standard poodle, running. I stopped and called him to my car, put him in & called his owner. Voice mail both #'s. So I drove out to their home. Rang the bell, turned out he was missing 24hrs. You'd think they'd be frantic.

    Today who's roaming up to my salon, but the same dog. LOOSE again. Still NO tags, or any ID.

    I call his owner, she 'can't figure out how he got out'.
    Apparently they have an invisible fence. But he's not wearing his 'fence collar' because the battery is dead.

    Hmm.... then don't let him out loose!
    GEESH! He's un-neutered too!

    They actually have two standards, both un-neutered males. Apparently his brother doesn't want to roam with him.

    His owner said, "Ohh maybe he's trying to tell you something, he wants you to be his new owner"

    I'm really upset that they are letting this dog out like this. I'd be pretty devastated if next time I see him it is after he is hit by a car or something.

    I'm not sure what to do. But I'm thinking 3 strikes your out and I'm finding him a home with someone else!

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    His owner said, "Ohh maybe he's trying to tell you something, he wants you to be his new owner"

    Maybe she is "asking" you if you want him? If there is a next time, ask her if she wants to rehome him. If not then I would call animal control if there is another time you see him wandering. As much as I would be tempted to just place him I wouldn't want to be accused of stealing. Poor dog, he just thinks he is having a good time and has no idea of the dangers. I really really really hope you don't find him in the road devistating that would be!
    SheilaB from SC


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      loose dogs

      I used to go walking down our road, and our neighbors five dogs would go along. They were always loose.

      The white one followed me home, and I went in and wrote a note on some paper and taped it to his collar.
      It read. Keep me home or I am going to get killed.
      I was nearly hit by two seperate cars this morning.
      Some people do shoot dogs that run on their property.
      I then walked him home. I never saw those dogs loose again.


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        runaway poodle

        The next time I saw him, I'd find a new home or take him to the shelter. He's not neutered and roaming free, does no one care about all the unwanted puppies in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        A pet peeve of mine. As I've stated before, I think there should be a "tax" on all unaltered animals, either it be for vet. visits, or grooming. More people would get their pets fixed.



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          Awww it seems like they don't want him! I do I do!!


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            Did I fail to mention she wants to "sell them for $1500.00 a peice" ?? After all she said, "she has so much money invested in them".


            I really don't want to get a large male dog, though honestly this dog and her other are SO SWEET!!!

            But after looking and finding so many that wanted Malone a few months ago, I'm sure there are PLENTY of people that would love this dog. He's VERY pretty and sweet.
            He comes from the same breeder as my standard.
            WHO by the way awoke me with bloody, watery stool, eventually bright red blood, spent the day at the vet for mucho $$$ and has to return tomorrow to be on fluids all day.

            I might as well FEED my dogs my money!!

            Thanks goodness I love them like I do!


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              Ohhh.... you can take my name off the list lol. The $1500 I maybe can swing...but the vet bills I couldn't handle now.

              Your post made me want to change my signature to "Nothing shows love more then vet bills and cleaning up bloody stool" lol


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                Well we haven't seen Power running around. I hope that means he's not gotten loose again.

                My poodle is home, very weak....