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Fleas + Cat update

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  • Fleas + Cat update

    Ugh I'm freaking out. I left the cat for a couple days to let the advantage take affect, but I just found a live flea on her.

    To make matters worse, my whole apartment is carpeted except the kitchen and bathroom, and I don't have a vaccuum yet. Yuck I'm so grossed out, I hate fleas! I have the heebie jeebies now. I'm also worried the revolution may not have taken care of all the ear mites, and now I'm going to have all 3 of them to treat.

    On another note, the kitty (still unnamed) is doing ok, she likes me but is not fond of Dooley AT ALL, and he hisses right back at her. I'll try to give them some time to adjust. She's actually accepting Mollie much more than Dooley, right now her and Mollie are both on the bed, about 3 feet apart. Nevermind, she just went under the bed to sulk. She's spending most of her time under the bed or behind the toilet, but will venture out when I coax her.

    I think she'll adjust just fine, I'm just freaking out over the fleas...Somebody calm me down! I only saw one, and I sprayed her with nature's garden flea spray, so now she's greasey and will need another bath unless I just leave her looking like she went swimming in olive oil.

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    Don't get your nickers in a twist just yet. That flea is probably just a hitch-hicker that hadn't had a chance to die yet. The affects of spot on products aren't instantaneous. It takes time for the little buggies to die.


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      lol But Helly, my nickers get twisted very easily when I see fleas.

      I've posted before when I was freaking out and it turned out to be fruit flies once and drain flies another time, this was definitely a flea though. Ew I killed him and haven't seen any since. (knock on wood) Mollie just got sentinel and Dooley got advantage the other day, so hopefully everything is under countrol.


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        Back in Calif there was a wonderful franchise called fleaBusters. They would treat your carpet or you could buy the stuff and do it yourself. Basiclly it was all natural a baby could crawl on carpet afterwards Basical Iy was Boric acid Boxax and some secret natural ingredient. Sprinkle on carpet and brush in with toilet brush. Leave several days. It smothers the fleas! Do in a week again to kill eggs. Safer than pesticides and it works!!!! After drops on back of dog came out, they disappeared, but to me are still necessary. You know it is important to kill fleas and eggs in environment


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          Well, I was having second thoughts anyways and she just wasn't getting along with Dooley, so I took her back to work. I'll bring her back again if it comes between me and the pound, but hopefully she'll get a home with someone soon.

          I haven't noticed any fleas on Mollie or Dooley, but I'm keeping an eye out for any signs.