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Has Anyone Been To Paris, France?

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  • Has Anyone Been To Paris, France?

    Has anyone been to Paris? I understand they love dogs there and sit outside at cafe's. Have you been to salons or seen creative colored grooming like we do here? I know Italy has had Groom Team USA competitions. Fascinating....

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    hey i don't have to go that far here in upland ca we have a restaurant that you can eat outside with your doggies it's so nice and the food is great


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      No, I never have been in France. But I do have clients who, a couple, spent about 3 months in Paris with their two small dogs. They told me it was true that dogs could go anywhere with them there, however, the city wasn't very clean, streets had doggie poo everywhere, and the dogs there looked not well groomed/clean. According to them, almost all long coated breeds, like YK, Maltesse, just live with long but not very clean coat.