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  • Name My Kitty

    I need a name for my new kitty, here are some pics:

    The vet said the color is just bleaching from sun exposure. She comes home either tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday. I was going to bring her home today but she had ear mites so she got an application of revolution and I wanted to give it at least 24 hours to kick in, because I really don't need 3 cases of ear mites. Yuck! Also, she's still in heat, I'm hoping she snaps out of it soon!

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    How about Mighty Dawg....hehehe...(seems the kitty did have kinda a play on words, you could spell it Mite E Dawg./ with just calling him Mighty....)

    Just a note I always have silly names for my crew (all dogs though). The bouvs call names are Binky(from the PBS Arthur show, Binky Barns the rabbit that is a big one yet does Ballet), Shades ( cause she is abit shady when it comes to others) Muffy (again from the tv show). And of course the other bouv is Chicken son named her.

    I had a mini poodle named Pig...he was a white boy but reminded me of Pig Pen from Charlie Brown when he goes threw mud. And yep even named one of the dogs Human....



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      Or she could just have red in her.

      Umm lets see.... Miss Bunny Foo Foo.. LOL... kidding

      I'm drawing a blank.


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        Most of my animals have ended up naming themselves. Somewhere along the line, a name pops into my head that just fits their personality, no matter what their name started out as.

        Just like my new pup, who was named Izi to begin with. Izi has become Whizzy. At first, it was because he peed so much. But now, it still fits, because he whizzes through the house and slams into anything in his way. So he's Whiz Bang Peewort.

        My first standard dachshund, years ago, came to us with then name Rusty. But every time I opened my mouth to call him Rusty, it came out Ralph. So Ralph he was.

        Bratwurst became B.B. Teddy morphed into Chicken Dog. Even my most beloved pony ended up being called Moose, instead of the name I originally gave her; Mae.

        I think I'll just stop trying to name pets in the future, and just let them name themselves.


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          Miss Kitty would be a good start till she names herself. She is so cute. How did you come across her?
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            Since she has red highlights how about Ruby or Scarlet?


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              Thanks for the suggestion guys, keep em comin'!

              Diamie, she was a stray and one of my coworkers found her and brought her in. She got an FIV test done and was negative luckily, she did have fleas and tapeworms though. She's also been in heat which is why she hadn't yet been put up front in the cage they have for adopting out kitties. I gave her a bath today and I must say she was more upset by being in a sliplead/harness set up than the actual bath. I was worried she would hate me forever for bathing her, but moments later she was head butting me as usual.

              I hope she gets along with my two, she hissed when she saw one of the other cats in the cat room but my coworker said his was like that but is best friends with his other cats now.


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                Name My Kitty

                Years ago we had your kittys' sister Hee Hee her name was Blackberry. The red will dissappear after awhile. Good diet and care will bring her coat back. We had a rescue named Rad that was red and black. He turned into a beautiful Big Black Cat. It is really heartening to see happy endings.


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                  Soon as i saw her Sheba cam to mind.
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                    I was thinking Cinnamon or Cinny for short. I don't think it will be so fitting if the red goes away. She so pretty!!


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                      she looks like a model

                      in all the photos. You know like she's posing for the camera.
                      So my first thought was Cindy.
                      Yes... Cindy "CLawford"

                      hee hee


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                        Aww I like the red, I wish it would stay!


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                          Oh, one thing she does is she kneads all the time. Her paws are always going..flex unflex flex unflex. lol Athough I guess it could be related to being in heat? I'm not sure, my cats have always been spayed asap growing up!


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                            How about uppercase or lowercase? Knew someone who had a uppercase. Loved the name


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                              TOO cute!

                              Originally posted by Maggy View Post
                              Aww I like the red, I wish it would stay!
                              I like it too...So glad you posted pics of her Maggy - She's BEAUTIFUL and you're right we're jealous. Ok, when I first read about you thinking of taking her home, I thought awwwww - it's Destiny (could be Desi for short).Then when I saw her I thought Nevaeh (Heaven backwards). I'm into pets naming themselves too, mine seem to do that with a nickname even after I've named them. Good luck and let us know what you decide. She really is precious. Congrats!!