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  • GRRR again for today

    I have the day off, was supposed to be on-call. But because of the weather, I am just off. I dropped my baby off at the sitters and decided to clean and do laundry. Well I just walked the 100 yards maybe, not to far, to my apartment laundry facility. I was carrying a rubbermaid container full of clothes, a large full bottle of bleach, a large full bottle of bleach for colors, a large full bottle of detergent and all of my baby's clothes. It must have been around 30 pounds...The door is always locked and we have a key to get in it. So I get there and the deadbolt is locked. Only security can unlock it. It's supposed to be unlocked at 6am. It's almost noon. So I had to walk back to my apartment with that heavy load.. Oh I'm so frustrated.

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    Frustrating. I tried to work out barter with our laundry mat across the street. they would not do it. They still bring their dog in though.


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      Tomorrow will be better!

      Days off like that make me want to return to my little grooming shop world asap!
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!


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        Becky, please accept this in the spirit that it is offered.

        I'm 54 years old. I have idiopathic vertigo, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, permenant nerve damage in my right hand, permenant nerve damage in my right leg and my left femur is crooked from having been set incorrectly when I broke it as a child. Some days when I get up I can't feel my feet, and the only way I know where they are is to look down. In other words, my body is a train wreck.

        I wish it were even possible for me to pack up two bottles of bleach, a bottle of laundry detergent, and a load of dirty clothes and walk them as far as the laundry room. Some days I'd be hard pressed to walk as far as the laundry room without carrying anything at all.

        Yet, despite all this, if someone asks me who is the happiest person I know, I readily answer "I AM!"

        You need to put all these minor annoyances in perspective. You're too soon old and too long dead to waste one minute of the time you have on this earth. Your glass can be half full or half empty. It all depends on how you look at things.

        Don't fuss about the things you can't change. And realize that the only thing in this world that you really can change is you. Life should be about what you do in your circumstances, not what circumstances do to you. You can't unlock the door, but you can decide how it affects you.

        Recognize the difference between what you love versus what you like, and what you need versus what you want. I love my family, I like my car. I want chocolate, I need air. And don't waste time hating. It's a destructive emotion that leaves you bitter, angry, and unhappy.

        Reach down, deep inside, and find that little spark of happiness. Feed it with love, and fan it with positive feedback until it bursts into flame. Find that happiness that only comes from inside you, and no one can ever take it away.


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          Helly thanks. I don't know how Becky took that but for me it just woke me up. I have had a few problems with my oldest son and his wife now for 2 years and it has really depressed me. Haven't been able to see grandchildren or son. They have a new baby and we weren't even told about it, learned from a friend that works with my son. After reading what you just said I'm going to look deep down inside of me and find that spark that I use to have. I use to be a happy and caring person and I'm going to be that person again!

          Thanks so much for making me wake up and live for now and not worry about what I can't fix.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            I also wanted you to know that I have made a copy of your post and am going to print it up so I have it to read everyday if need be.
            Thank you.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              Thanks Helly. I know I shouldn't let it affect me but sometimes I just live in the moment. My grandma has that same neuropothy that you have. When she's in town it's hard to watch her try to get up sometimes. It makes her imobile most days. I know I have it pretty good.

              I take a lot of things for granted and I shouldn't. I'm thinking about my uncle now who has PLS. Primary Lateral Sclorosis. It's a form of Lou Gehrigs disease. He can't even walk, he can hardly talk. He has involuntary muscle movements. It's a risk for him every time he eats. Those involuntary muscle movements cause him to swallow at any given time. I must have seen him choke about a dozen times in a day. He has to have someone with him at every waking moment.

              So I have it better than pretty good. I have it great. I only have scoliosis that pinches my sciatica constantly. I've had pain for so long now that nothing affects me anymore.

              I just wanted to get a little frustration out at the time. I can be selfish at moments.


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                Raggs, I am like you. I tend to let the little frustrations turn into big aggrivations, then I feel selfish for letting something so small affect me so much. It is hard to take the small things that are irritating us in perspective until we stand back and look at what could be.

                Thank you Helly for writing that. It does hit home for some one as impatient as I am.
                SheilaB from SC


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                  Why not get a kids' wagon?

                  Have you thought of putting all the laundry in a wagon? Then it would not be so ard to schlepp to the laundry area. I could not carry that much at once.And, I don't know how you do the grooming you do!! Great ATTITUDE!


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                    Originally posted by mustluvdogs1 View Post
                    And, I don't know how you do the grooming you do!! Great ATTITUDE!
                    Attitude has a lot to do with it. The rest of it is good drugs, lol.