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Really Put My swollen foot in my lil mouth

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  • Really Put My swollen foot in my lil mouth

    I have a small mouth, but never have trouble putting my small foot in it!I should not have said such a judgmental thing about younger people. I dislike grumpy old people. Let me tell you, Arizona has a lot of elderly people! Many very grumpy. I swore I would never be a grumpy old person. OOPs. I have been in a bad mood all day. client didn't cancel, due to Flu. The one from last week. Rain. Just grumpy. Then my sister left a crazy message. I had to cut this toxic woman out of my life. Not another year of it. Sad, but got professional for all concerned. She sneaked in a message on business phone. I can't have an unlisted bus #. She lives a mile away. She can't leave me alone more then a little over a month. You don't want to know details but lets say identity theft when it is your natural sister is the worst offense! End of subject.Please forgive me, I was prime for striking back. I'm sorry.