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  • I played santa

    Today I told my friend Lisa that I was the santa that put the Zanie in a little bad w/ zip-lock and biscuits , on door knob, on Christmas Eve. Cassie LOVED the toy...threw it in air squeeked it til it broke. She said they had to go out and buy her a squeeky toy. Kinda new at dog owner...duh..dogs like toys. I have a few more she can have. They talked about it next day trying to figure out who of over 5,000 members could have delivered it to her. Really not hard...if you know me. I don't think they know any other groomers.Cassie is a ummm medium sized heeler. Tan head grey/black body. Queensland Heeler type. Owner Senior pastor of a church.Lisa founded a great group called girlfriends for any woman who needs time w/ other women for hobbies...movies, sports,gardening, cooking...noooo grooming ...maybe I should ad that group to list.