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Dooley helps me surf the web.

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  • Dooley helps me surf the web.

    I just got a papasan chair off of craigslist the other day, so I like to lay back in it with my laptop in my lap. Lately Dooley has taken to sprawling across my chest/stomach between me and the compuer and watches the screen as I type and browse websites. Sometimes he kicks the mouse button with his foot or sticks his paw on the screen, other times he just stands up and gets in my way.

    Right now he is watching the words go across the screen as I type. :P Sometimes Mollie will squeeze in next to me so all 3 of us will be in this one chair clicking the 'new posts' button repeatedly. lol

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    Get someone to take a pic of that....

    I can barely type at this dining table, let alone unhook to put on lap. I don't have router to unhook from wall yet. I do have a good chair I got from a friend who downsized her office back to her house. My ankles still swell a lot. Must get off salt.Halles' crate is to my left with a place just perfect for placing my drinking glass on top.She is rarely happy just on other side of gate w/ her zillions of toys and tv on low volume.She doesn't get as muchnattention as she used to before this board. I think she woukld pull the plug if she could!