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My new boy Zeek's vet visit.

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  • My new boy Zeek's vet visit.

    Took Zeek to the vet this morning for a complete and through check up. He weighed in at 225.6 pounds. He's in great health except for his weight. No signs of hip displaysia or any other joint problems. He's on 3 boxes of Interceptor because of his weight. So he gets 3 tablets once a month. He's only 1 of 4 Mastiff's that go to that vet. The vet's son has one and the receptionist has 2. So of course when all the staff heard there was a Mastiff in a room, they all came running to see him. He loved every single pet and hug and kiss he got. Then they took his temp and he tried to climb onto my lap for safety. Almost broke me in half.. LOL... I was only squatting and had my back up against the bench. When he climbed on me I was starting to bend in a way my body doesn't go. One of the techs had to pull him off me so I wouldn't get injured.... That was fun... HA HA. One thing I didn't care for was they took him to the back to get a blood draw for heartworm. When they brought him back they had already done his vaccines. I asked that I be present for those plus I didn't even get a chance to tell them that I wanted separate vaccines and not the combo ones.

    But it's ok, he's got them all now and he's perfectly healthy. I made sure I saw a vet that specializes in the giant breeds.

    He's happy and healthy, and I'm happy. So it's all good....

    Was a little on the expensive side. I wasn't expecting 3 boxes of heartworm. I'm sure you all know how much those things cost... It's well worth it though..

    Oh also there are signs that he gets chronic ear infections so I have to keep an eye on that. He does have a food allergy so when I save up enough money I'm going to get him tested to see what he's allergic to. The vet said, that that could be why he gets chronic ear infections. It could be a number of other reasons too....

    Just wanted to share that with you guys. I love talking about my dogs, and my family couldn't care less... LOL.....

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    225 lbs! Oh my, he is a big boy isn't he! It sounds like you're very happy with your new addition. You can really hear the excitement in your post. Feel free to tell us about your dogs anytime! I personally love the stories.
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      I love mastiff's. I would love to see a pic of him.
      If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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        I love big dogs!! We dont have a fence right now though, so its hard to get one it seems that doesnt need a fence. So I have settled, LOL, for a cocker spaniel. If you want to call it settling, I love him. We all do here. We want to get him a friend soon though, maybe this summer after we get a fence up. We will see. I want to see a picture of your new "baby"!! We have a beautiful mastiff up the road from us, come to think of it those people dont have a fence either. That dog doesnt have a very big exercise requirement it seems. He is always so calm. He just sits there and stares at you, lol. If I didnt see his owners walking him sometimes in the summer, I would think he was a fake dog sitting in the lawn. LOL!!


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          I have a couple pics of him on another thread.

          Long hard day that ended with a happy note.....

          Sorry it wont let me post them again.


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            There was an English mastiff in today that was darling. I walked in to talk to the owner about grooming and saw him and I just grabbed those flabby dabbly meaty lips and yanked on them and said, "You've got the cutest flappy lips I"ve ever seen!" He enjoyed all that attention.

            Tammy in Utah
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              He sure is a BIG boy. Glad to hear he is healthy. Enjoy your big guy, I sure enjoyed my big guy (120 lbs) Ace.
              "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                Movie Lover I loved turner and Hooch

                loved turner and Hooch...but I know he was a mix. Met Dryfus once at Hershey show...he had a bro as a double. Dog could have cared less to meet us all. Liked meeting John stazko and mario much more!!!


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                  Raggs, I need to go and look for the other post so I can see the pict. I love those big galoots! Like Spikey mentioned the lips are irresistable!
                  I don't know if you remember but this past summer I posted a sad thread about a customer w/a young Mastiff that he left in the care of his roommate while out of town. The roommates friend took Rock out for a walk. Instead of walking he took him for a 3 mile run during the day, in the summer!!!! Very sad to say that poor Rock did not make it home from that run. Not trying to make you sad, just be cautious who you let watch your big boy. So many people are clueless about the giant breeds. I am glad you found a vet that specializes in the giants!!! Have fun and POST PICTS!!!! LOL
                  SheilaB from SC


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                    I did a female mastiff during an evening appoinment a few weeks ago ... such a sweety (a little too beefy though!).

                    anyways .... mom dropped her off, no problems, and would come back in a couple hours. She had been here a couple times before, but I hadn't seen her yet - her notes read that she was a little difficult getting into the shower. Well she sat herself down right where mom left her and would not budge. I tried jingling her collar, cookies, scratching her tummy EVERYTHING and all 120lbs of me could not move her an inch.

                    She seemed to be getting a little stressed out & it was obvious that she was not going anywhere ... so i called mom (very aplogetically) and told her the situation. Mom said 'oh no no don't worry about it! i'll be down in a minute.' well mom came back to help, snapped her fingers & that dog jumped up and trotted herself right into the shower. as if i hadn't been trying at all for 1/2 hour to move her an inch!


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                      Yeah, I saw that post about that poor young Mastiff. That's why I take mine out for just a short walk. Around the block. By the time were almost home, he's panting and slowing down in walking. He's at my dads and I tell him, not to exercise him at all. Of course my dad can't stand the drool so he doesn't even go near him... LOL...Same with my boyfriend. He can't stand the drool, it makes his nauseous.

                      Some men are pathetic... LOL...My dad must have looked at my step moms brothers autopsy photos a million times, but the drool makes his queasy... LOL


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                        i saw his pic,hes 225 lbs of pure love,and looks so gentle,he looks like he would be good around kids,and small critters,im sure he will start to lose some of the weight and be were hes supposed to be,someone was giving away a mastiff a few years back,i almost took him,but hubby put his foot down,said we had to many pets already,im glad he did though,this dog went to a nice family who had money to take care of his health issues,i guess he had alot of them


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                          There are a few of them, but Raggs has thee Mastiff. Sounds like a lot of loving. Enjoy. By the way Turner and Hooch dog was a French Mastiff.
                          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                            Yep. Hooch was a Bordeaux Mastiff.