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Crazy woman from Sunday

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  • Crazy woman from Sunday

    The crazy unreasonable woman called and lefta nasty message claiming she took the dog to the vet/croomer there siad I probabl;y didn't have a License! No, I don't and no other groomers in Arizona do either! Claimed dog fine and did not bite. That is impossible, I had 2 muzzles on him. If he was butchered it is because She already cut around his eyes and above, tho I can't figure how. I rarely have problems w/ dogs in fact I just did a tiny maltiepoo, surprise, Sophies' mom flew to Pittsburg and got her from same breeder.What vet or groomer would say I probably don't have a license when they know none of us do..that is what we are working on! I can't call her to tell her...I threw her card away w/ unlisted #. She is unreasonable and ignorant...even has very poor grammar.Need to let it go.Claimed I stole from her and God says thou shalt not steal. I do not feel I was paid enough on a off to risk being bitten and insulted to boot.I hate slander. Geeee, I even had to have husband get biting dog off my table!Doesn't that make ya mad? We all get them...sooner or later.

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    I'm so glad you were able to get that out of your system. Makes a person feel sooooo much better when they can say what is needed to be said. I'm glad you threw away her card, don't need crazy's like that around.

    Tomorrow will be better.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      i say good riddance,you dont need her,probably has done the same thing to other groomers too,and she could of even lied about what the vet said,


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          you sure are having some bad luck lately. I hope it gets better for you. Hey, at least you are not stuck like I am. Spent 5 hours trying to get my trailer out. Snow has turned to ice. Oh my aching arms from swinging a shovel and pick. Ouch my back. Now I can get out, but don't know if I can get back down the driveway. Plus roads here are still covered. I live on a big hill so not going out tomorrow either.
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            So Sorry about snow

            You all should take a week to Phoenix...come to my house...and we can have a BIG slumber (stay awake and laugh all night) Party. Late May/ early June..eveybody up and into the pool! I keep it pristine clean...great pool guy...but oooh the waters' toooo cooooollllllld! Howling Beagle sound needed.Really...if anyone ever comes to sky Harbor airport look up @ 480-325-6816 No Web site . I'm the one who does the small spoiled kind, you know, the ones who don't know they are dogs,sleep on owners' bed but I won't tell.....Name, number, dogs needs, major X streets..that is my greeting.Actually, they know they are dogs and they know they are cute and use it to their advantage.