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  • my children!!!

    So this was funny, I thought, lol. I was vacuuming(sp?) my living room and I have 2 toddler boys, and they went into the kitchen and I thought, thats fine, there isnt anything they can get into, I just cleaned in there. So I kept vacuuming. Well, my little bro and sis came over (snow day) and I heard them start laughing when they came in the door. I was like, uh oh!! Then my sister said, umm there is flour all over ur kitchen. Which I thought was odd, since they cant reach the flour. So I went in and they had gotten into the confectioners sugar. All over freshly mopped floor, dishwasher, stove, everywhere. and my 2 year old was putting sugar in his brothers hair, saying, it snowing, it snowing. They looked like little ghost children, completely white. OMG I was cracking up. Just thought I would share, maybe give someone a much needed laugh. Now if only all 'snow' tasted that good. LOL!! But my goodness what a mess, so sticky!! My floor is still sticky and I washed it twice, oh well. It was fun anyways!!

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    Oh, gotta love kids... I have a 4 yr old boy and a 6 month old girl. I'm just waiting for stuff like that to happen. My son got into the chocolate syrup at my ex's house.... LOL... It's great.....

    Use hot water to wash your floor from sugar. Don't use any soap, that can just make things more sticky. Use a clean cloth instead of the mop. All that dirt and sugar stick to the mop and just redeposit on the floor. Wipe with a clean cloth with hot water and then use another clean one to go over it. Then just let dry, unless you have a shop vac, then suck up the water. It dries faster and picks up that extra dirt and sugar.


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      OH what fun kids are. Where are the pictures of this adventure. Here is one of Autumn when she was at grandma's coloring. My mom left the room for 2 minutes to get my niece up from her nap.
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        Too bad you didn't take a picture. Kids that age are too funny,lol!