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Thank you all......Traveler and Jane

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  • Thank you all......Traveler and Jane

    Thank you all, and raining cats and dogs. I wanted to wait to be sure. traveler is walking! He slips on tile or HW floor at times but can get up. His expression is back and he seems to be getting better. I will continue w/ meds. Antobiotics finished...V fever pills lots more, then recheck blood. Left message for vet. He even tries to go out deep dog door. Poor boy, even goes potty right in front of it. Pinched nerve, valley fever. due to blood levels off. will check blood when vet says we need to. Thanks for all your support. Traveler thanks you too, and Jax and Halle too. Woooooo they say in Schnauzer talk. Don't know cause, only know 99% better. His back legs will probably never be as strong as Jax, one month younger and healthy lil deb-bull as i call him. Black and Silver. Someday i will post puppy and adult of Travi for you to see how cute he was. and handsome as adult.

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    Jane, I'm soooo happy to hear about Traveler feeling better. Hope you can post the pictures, I'd love to see them!


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      Awww, I'm so happy also god bless him!


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        Nothing brightens up a cold day like good news. So glad you found something that's helping. Give him a hug and kiss from Oli and Whizzy.

        Yes, it's definately official. Izi is now Whizzy. Whizzy Peewort. It fits him to a T.


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          That's wonderful news about Traveler!!


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            Great news about Traveler. Would love to see those pics when you get them.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              That is so wonderful mustluvdogs1! I'm so glad that your little angel is doing so well. How wonderful!