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I'm bored so thoought I'd let everyone know how my weekend went.

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  • I'm bored so thoought I'd let everyone know how my weekend went.

    I have no homework and everything is done and it's only 6:30 so I figured I'd let you all know my weekend.

    Friday night was a bit boring with nothing to do. Then my best friend calls me and we talked on the phone until like 1 am. Then we went o bed. Saturday Irelaxed laughed with my friendssome more and was invited to our other friend's fo the night for some fun.There were 4 of us. Boy, did we have some fun. We were laughing All Night about everything. We took Gizmo, the Ferret out and let him run around. He gave us all little Ferret kisses. We dragged some cat toys on strings around for the cats that was funny! And played with the Collies and Pitbulls. we went to bed around 4 in the morning and I was up by 6am. Anyways, Sunday my friend got sick So the 3 of us went to watch our favourite team play our least favourite teams. Our Team won!!!! So we had school today and back to boring life this week. Can't wait for the next time we get together!!!

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    AHHH. To be a teenager again. I wish.
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      One life to live!

      Diamiano: Sorry I can't spell your name. I only get to be young once so my friends and I are making everyday worth it. We are going to watch a motorcycle/ Dirtbike show on Saturday. We can't wait!!! Besides I'm always trying to act and be mature it actually feels nice to have some fun. I have my boyfriend, my youth, my friends, my dreams. My life is going great so far and I'm enjoying myself. My friends and I hang out everyday and are ALWAYS seen laughing. Our teachers all think we are great because we do our best in class and when we leave we live. Last summer just for fun we decided to walk home from school. We ALL live half an hour away. Well, it took us all 10 hours to get home. We had an early dismissal at 12. We stopped at every store and then the mall, got our nails done. Bought coffee. Everything! We love life and we sure are Living it to the fullest!!!!
      BTW, just because you're older Don''t stop having fun. It's how the best memories are made!


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        I'm glad you had a fun weekend, Poodle Trouble! I read your post under the "Are We Cursed Groomers" thread and just want to applaud you for the obstacles you've overcome and all you're accomplishing. Your positive attitude is inspiring! It sounds like your grandfather was a great man so I'm glad you haven't forgotten what he taught you. I'm sure he would be so proud of you!


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          Thank you Cosette

          when I was very little my parents got divorced and my sister, mom and I wentto live woth my Grandfather and Grandmother. I lived with them until I was 9 years old. So he practically was more like my father. I also believe he is proud of me. I miss him very much. I am trying my best for him and I will always do everything with him in my heart. Also, it was a groomer who helped me after he was gone. If it wasn't for her I'd have Never gone back to school. I will never forget what he taught me either.It's hard to say "mushy" stuff because I'm not very good at it lol. He also taught me to live everyday to it's fullest.


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            Don't worry hon, it ain't mushy if it's true!!! It sounds like you are a great kid w/high goals and I hope you reach them all!!! I see the way kids around here act and it scares the hooey out of me! It is nice to know their are some of you with heads and hearts still attached! Keep your path and it will take you where you want to go.
            SheilaB from SC


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              Thanks Sheila. I sure haven't given up lol. I know what you mean about teenagers...I used to be One of them. Before my groomer friend took me in and helped me regain myself and taught me about life. I used to drink a LOT. I never went to school. I had given up because of teachers and principals had told me I would never be anything more than a girl on a street corner or in a bar. Guess I'm showing them I've turned my WHOLE life around and I'm actually having MORE fun. I quit drinking and hanging around with the "wrong" people just to commit myself to the Grooming. In the end I never became a groomer but I do NOT regret my choice. I now Use my head for more than to keep my ears apart I always said I'd be a groomer I just hit a bump in the road and got distracted lol. I'm back on treack and this time i'm not falling off! Thanks guys for all the support!! This board is so great.

              That's as Mushy as I can be. Sorry, I tried.