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  • Only other job

    The only other job I would like would be advertising...I'd be laughing all the time...well actually if it's like Darin in must be hard to think up clever stuff ALL the time. I am not really a corporate kinda gal. Bet they have fun dreaming up that stuff. I"d be embarrassed and probably wet my pants.

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    Since you own your own business, advertising is your job. You already have both of your dream jobs and didn't even know it! Ha Ha. Have you done any grooming promotions that were really unusual?


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      First van

      In Calif I promoted my first van at Foster City Birthday art and wine.Paid minimal fee. Emptied van of all items that could be stolen..people walked thru. mom with me...have a photo of van behind Americsn flag. Had people fill out card for drawing free groom...I cheated and cjose several little breeds I liked..two dog families...mostpaid for second dog. Great way to get leads. But not many stuck in FC 2 miles by five...she had it all sown up at cheap shops are less than mobile...later I got busy in Foster City. Fly over from East coast to San Fran..


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