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  • Discount client cancelled ......

    I woke up to clients voice on my machine...Late..alarm set to PM instead of AM. Rushed over to great 2 Shih Tzu client, one cute Black pup. Called the ol guy(my age) said I didn't call....noooo, not home...grooming...I told him I would call when I got thru w/ afterall. Found some other groomer. Mobile? don't know. I said, works out better for me...I reeeely can't afford doing for less than reg price. Seee, they don't respect you when you give in cheaper. Glad I mised him. Somethings just work out. He probably complains no matter what.

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    I had a lady tell me she had 2 standard poodles and she saw my ad on craigslist for Discount grooming in MY home, well I told her it would be $XX and she seemed to be OK with that and liked how cheap it was but she never called to make an appointment, Now that I am doing Housecall grooming I put and ad on craigslist and she emailed me not knowing it was me but she had an idea it was And she says well you quoted me $XX to groom both my dogs And I replied back, Well now I come to you so the price is $XXX. Before I was just doing a side gig, and I gave a big discount for people to drive to my house and groom there dog, figuring I was still making more than 50% commission. So anyways I told the lady that this is my only means of support now so I have to charge full price ( I figured she would think it was way to much) But she emailed me back and wants to make an appointment. So I think you are right if you put your foot down you will get more respect. I told a client yesterday she had to get her dog groomed every 4 weeks, and when I groomed her dog at the salon she was like yeah what ever, but now that I am in her house and it took me 4 hours to get her standard poodle done, she understands why he needs a 4 week appointment now.


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        That's so weird that she definitely makes an appointment after the higher price. I'll never get the psychology of some people.