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  • Valentine present

    In my years as a groomer I've never received a Valentine's Day gift from a client...until today. One of my customers gave me a valentine bag with raspberry chocolates, a necklace and tea. I was so amazed and thought that was so thoughtful on her part.

    Then I came home and my husband bought me an acoustic guitar (Estaban's). Just like Christmas!
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    Wow! I've never recieved a Valentines Day gift from a client either. How nice of her!


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      WOW, what a thoughtful client.
      Don't trade that hubby of yours in. They don't all come that good!! lol
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        Yum! How sweet and thoughtful! I normally don't receive Valentine's gifts from clients either, but last year, one of my clients surprised me with candy and adorable little cupcake candles that had hearts on the icing. It brightened my day too!


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          Wow, that is so nice!


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            Mmm yum, that sounds dee-lish!

            And the husband, he's a keeper. My husband bought me some nice clothes one mother's day, and I'm not even a mother! Sometimes ya gotta be glad you have a great man!

            Tammy in Utah
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              I usually have quite a few clients who give me gifts at all the holidays and sometimes for no reason at all. I've actually gotten so many gifts at times it can be a little overwhelming. I'm really grateful that my clients appreciate me and take the time to be so thoughtful though. I think that I may try to think of a way to ask for donations to an animal cause rather than personal gifts if I can think of a way to do it tactfully. I don't want to sound as if I assume that clients will be giving a gift. Hmm...