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  • What a great guy

    I had a client bring two 12 yr old dogs to my Petsomething today for grooming. The female looked like a flat-coat retriever mix and the male looked like a lab-pointer mix. Not so unusual, right?

    Well, I discovered that he had just adopted them from the local Humane Society. They had been given up for adoption in a divorce. I am so touched by him adopting both old dogs and giving them a home. I can't even imagine what they went through being abandoned at the humane society by their family. And really, how likely is it that they would actually find a home at all, much less together?!!

    It was sad at first because they seemed so depressed to be put in the crates in the grooming area, but when they were done, they were both prancing around and seemed very pleased with themselves, especially the female! (the male just wanted more cookies!) When dad came, he said "ok let's go home for dinner," and they trotted out like they felt totally at ease with him and knew just what he was saying.

    The whole experience just made my day!

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    YAY! It's so nice when somebody adopts an older dog. Glad to hear somebody nice gave them a second chance. That always makes my day too!


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      Originally posted by Terry View Post
      I had a client bring two 12 yr old dogs...I discovered that he had just adopted them from the local Humane Society... how likely is it that they would actually find a home at all, much less together?!!...The whole experience just made my day!
      Bless his heart! The older dogs usually are the hardest to find homes for so I too am happy they found such a loving home and were able to stay together. I'm also happy you benefitted from his kind heart too, because it added joy to your day!


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        Reading that and the other replies just brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a crybaby sometimes.

        Thanks for sharing. It's so nice to know there are really nice people out there.
        "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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          Little different

          Years ago I was selling perfume at a dept store at Stanford mall. Palo Alto, Ca as near Valentines Day and I helped a man choose perfume for his wife or GF. A few hours later he brought back a heart box of candy for strings attached..still remember it to this day. No grooming VS" so far. shoulda coulda woulda gotten cute bandanas for dog pals, but too busy w/ Travi and all.


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            I have a couple of my clients who have adopted older dogs and I think it is sooooo wonderful!!! In that pedigree comercial, there is a Dane X dog that just breaks my heart. You can tell he is older. Man oh man it is to early to get this sad!
            SheilaB from SC


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              That is so wonderful. Many people overlook the mature dogs when they adopt a rescue, but they can be such wonderful pets. What a happy outcome for these two dogs.


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                  Way to go adopting the old guys. So nice to hear that the guy who adopted them sees their worth. I am waiting for the chance to give a pair of dogs a home. Puppies go quickly but the old ones...not so much.


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                    I don't understand how they can divorce and not fight over the dogs on who's going to get them. I always make it clear that if me and my boyfriend break up the dogs mine! He says no but I'll kidnap the dog id I have to.