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  • I'm back

    I'm finally on the road to healing. I've been stressing for awhile because the pain in my foot but now I had the surgery and just waiting to get back to work. I'm walking very little but I had to do something because I could feel depression kicking in after being laid up for over a week. I feel for the people that are laid up even longer. I can't go back to work just yet but I did go watch my girlfiend in her training classes. She had a chair for me and another one for my foot so I just sat and relaxed and watched the dogs do funny tricks. She does all kinds of training and she is also a groomer. The perfect thing to help you heal is being around a bunch of dogs. They really put the smile back on my face. I know this has nothing to do with grooming. This is the kind affect dogs give me. Before I started grooming I would yell at least once a week to my husband I need pet therapy so he would take me to the pet stores just so i can cuddle with puppies. What an awsome feeling. Does anybody else get this way? Or am I just weird???

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    Welcome back. Good to know you're on the road to recovery. Rest those feet!


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      I hope you have a speedy recovery. And no there is no therapy in the world better than cuddling with the canines. And puppy kisses.


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        Cool, welcome back, hang in there, shouldn't be too much longer kiddo'!!


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          Glad your back and recovery. Listen to your doctor, do as he/she tells you to do and you'll be back at work before you know it.

          No, you're not weird, I love having my furrybabies around when I'm under the weather.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."