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    Traveler totally collapses now after being off Novx..anti-inflamatory. Started Prednisone. Been down since ealy yest aftewrnoon. I don't know if he will make it to Monday afternoon. I have to face is bad. Sorry for typing too many words in caps...Never meant to offend anyone with any religious references... It is just a part of me...many do't like. I do Not think I am better than anyone ....misunderstood. I want to be liked..we all do. I try to be helpful and encouraging...This is new to me and I guess I just don't fit in very well with whateer faults my personalit posesses. I really thought I was upbeat for the most part and gave good professional advice..From complaints...guess I was wrong. What with this sad chapter Travi going to die...I was in denial..I won't be on here least for awhile if I am allowed to stay..I neve know when I will say the wrong thing or out in wrong topic. If I had to take a typing test to rget reg approval...I'd never make it.I would prefer a membership fee. if it would keep me here. LOv you guys.

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    So sorry for your baby

    Still keep some hope, while facing the possibility of the dog not making it.

    So many of us have told you we enjoy your posts and understand your newbieism to the whole message board kind of thing. Many just watch and don't post, so congratualations on your bravory.

    There is a sort of etiquette just like socially. But just because some people are bothered doesn't mean that all are. You've been here before. It's like at a club, some people are not happy, some complain, some break the rules, but the club goes on and those who are involved in the purpose of the club keep it going, letting the problem people do what they will. Always too, of course, look at what part one has in a complaint as in could there be something one did incorrectly to learn from. If not then tough patooties.
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      praying for you

      I'm so sorry about Traveler. Watching and not being able to help your baby is devastating. It has happened to me also, and all I can say is God bless you. You and Traveler are in God's hands now.

      And dang it all, please ignore the people who give you grief. Many others are your friends and like what you have to say. (like me!!) You can't please everyone, so don't worry about it.


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        I'm praying for you too! Don't worry too much about the complaints. If it's a free county for those that don't wanna talk about then religion it shoud work the other way around too...I'm get tired of all of the pc nonsense...anyway, don't you worry anyway, and I sure hope all will get better with Travi, but I will be praying for him, and peace for you whatever happens. Hugs to you!
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