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naughty mikey!!!!

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  • naughty mikey!!!!

    mikey is a yorkie that i have been doing since i opened last may,dad does everything right,brings him twice a month,got him neutered,takes him for a very long walk before he comes and sees me,and he always says mikey loves it here he loves his groomer,the dad is sooooo nice,always says what a great job i do,believe me,ive wanted to fire mikey a few times i always say mikey your so lucky you have a very nice daddy,hes about a yr.oldspins and spins on the table,barks the whole time in the kennel,its a high pitched ear shattering bark too,basically hes out of control,fun to play with,but sometimes he brings me to tears,so i got the best news last time i groomed him dad said mikey was going to go live with his mom,in illinois probably by summertime,he has to go out of the country for a year,i will miss the dad,and yes as naughty as mikey is i will probably miss him too,beware any groomers in illinois if anyone calls next summer with a yorkie named mikey,good luck i feel for you,do any of you have a mikey story

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    Why not put him on the groomers helper so he can't spin.
    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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      I'm in Illinois. Send him to me. At the very least, he'll learn to be quiet.


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          How nice that Mikeys mom and dad are able to work out their custody arrangement so amicably! It's so much better for the little ones that way. Ha Ha!