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How can something so cute be so naughty? lol

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  • How can something so cute be so naughty? lol

    I had the CUTEST toy poodle today w/ a gorgeous coat, big brown eyes...... she ended up wanting to eat me for her legs & feet, so she was a bugger to groom.....I was so disappointed!!!!!!! Then, my all time pet peeves happened....

    1. Tell owner how dog wasnt very cooperative for grooming and they say
    "Oh yeah, she hates when you do THAT to her" after previously telling you in the morning how she behaves for grooming.

    2. Inspect the dog head to toe to make sure you did a good job on their dog, and that theyre satisifed.........despite their dog trying to eat you for lunch for the previous hour.....

    Lucky for me they loved her haircut.......or is it? LOL - I guess that means I'll see her again..... I know they all cant be perfect, but with a nice coat like she has, I wish she was!

    Just me venting ..

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    Can we talk?

    I specialize exclusively in toy breeds.

    Teeny tiny adorable little creatures...with BIG, sharp teeth. (Teeheehee)


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      OMG, Country Canine. I had the exact same thing this week. A cute little parti poodle I was so looking forward to was my worse nightmare! And they booked again in 4 weeks!