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DOG ATTACK - I'm Still Shaking

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  • DOG ATTACK - I'm Still Shaking

    Hi everyone,

    I need someone to talk me through this...

    Went to the pet store for dog food. It's a little place that you can bring your dog if you want. Me and my 7 year old were shopping. Dad sits in the car and watches the front door and I allow my daughter to shop on her own. It's a really tiny place and we're trying to give her a taste of independence while monitoring the whole time. She loves looking at hamsters, fish, that sort of thing.

    There are about 6 dogs in the store, a Chesepeake, 2 pit bulls with same owner, Amer. Bulldog, and 2 labs. The Chessy is real shy, bulldog and labs super friendly, one of the pits super friendly. The other pit though, every time a dog goes by he growls...not just a bluff type sound but from the belly. Made me very uneasy.

    The owner of this growling pit says to every owner the dog growls at that
    he's just talking. I'm shopping for dog food thinking yeah whatever. I try to keep my eyes on the pits cuz daughter is on her own. I see her looking at fish then I see the Chessy. I feel good, haven't seen the pits in a while so I thought they had left.

    I had a bag of dog food in my arms and was heading for check out when I hear the most sickening growls and snarls followed by yelps, screams, sobs. Where is my daughter?????????????

    I panic, throw the dog food and run for the front. There tightly clamped in the pits jaws is the throat of the Chessy. My daughter was by the Chessy minutes before. Noone can pry the jaws of this dog off the Chessy...there were six of us. The kid working there runs for pepper spray. The owner of the pit is screaming not to spray her dog. I tried to make noise to distract the pit, he doesn't budge.

    The owner of the pit is in the background afraid of the whole situation. I grab a rawhide and hit his nose. Probably not a good idea but I was terrified. I hit him one more time and this is enough that his bite releases and the Chessy runs. Blood everywhere. I am shaking the whole time. Think I had a mini-stroke.

    I go to the owner of the Chessy and scream at the owner of the pits to get them out of the store. The whole time the people who own the store and workers stand there. I went off...I didn't mean to but you can't tell me that these pet owners did not know their dog was capable of that. I was pissed.

    Checked over the Chessy, hunk of flesh missing from throat, owner of the Chessy has a deep puncture wound to her . I am still freaking out at the owner of the pits telling them how irresponsible they are for bringing them in the store. All the while so thankful my little girl didn't get caught in the middle of it.

    She is totally traumatized by the whole ordeal. She is still crying. She's so worried and frankly so am I for the Chessy. Some 12 year old boy that works at the store comes up with a first aid kit and discourages the owner from taking her dog to the vet. I freak again. I'm like, "what are you talking about"? The dog needed medical attention as did the owner of the Chessy.

    The owner of the store came back and told me to stay out of it and lower my voice. I was so upset because the owner of the vicious dog was not. She kept saying it was an accident but seemed indifferent. To me an accident is something that you don't foresee. That dog was an accident waiting to happen. I had a bad feeling the first time I heard the dog growl.

    Needless to say, I left the store, shaking...daughter crying...husband saying I did the right thing and he was proud of me. Owner of the store wanted me out of there. I feel bad, like I bailed on the Chessy owner and bsides, I still have no dog food!!!!!

    What would you guys have done??? It was so freaky. My daughter stops crying and settles and then every few minutes starts crying all over again.

    I love all animals and have no problem with pits but some people just should not own them and that was these people. How do you get them to break their hold on something? No amount of noise to distract, banging, clapping, yelling, whistling...nothing worked. I'm just floored.

    Any advice out there? What would you have done? The whole ordeal was probably a total of ten minutes but it felt like forever. Help...I need someone to help me stop shaking.

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    You should have hit the owner of the Pit Bull on the nose too!


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      I would have done EXACTLY what you did, but probably would've started crying at the end of the tirade. No one can get upset with you for being what they may consider crazy. Think about the amount of adrenaline rushing through your body. Not just because of the dog fight, but because of the fear that it was your daughter on the other end. I am in shock that someone would suggest not sending the dog to the vet. I hope they didn't listen to them. DO NOT feel bad for how you reacted, those people needed to see that, and the chessy's owner was probably in shock so she couldn't respond accordingly. Good for you!! I'm proud of you too. If you're really ballsy, I'd say go back to the store and talk to the owners once you've calmed down. Not saying they shouldn't let dogs in, but that they should have someone who's a little more dog savvy than a 12 yr old, who can recognise potential problems. That may not solve all the problems, but if it protects one dog, then it's worth it. I'm so glad it wasn't your baby!!!!!! That's the most important thing if nothing else was learned by those who witnessed today's events.
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        Honestly, called the police.
        That was not an accident, but rather an incident waiting to happen...talking, right....

        Someone, your daughter especially, could have been attacked. What very scary. I would have called the police or the media. If anyone owns a dog that is somewhat aggressive they need to take responsibity! What fi that dog that was attacked was a small yorkie?? DO you think it would have survived???

        SOme people, I think you did the right thing, you were calmer then me!! When it comes to my children, dogs, and endangering them by stupid people, I am feral.


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          Right now, the most important thing you need to do is focus on your daughter. Encourage her to talk about her feelings. Let her express herself, and don't try to minimize what she's feeling. At the same time reassure her about the dog that was injured. Don't express any negative feelings you may have about the dog's injuries, ie don't make any comments about the possibilities of the dog dying from his injuries.

          Once you have your daughter settled down, sit down and write a letter to the store owner. Don't hold back. Tell him exactly what you think about the whole situation. Then fold it up and put it aside until tomorrow. In the morning, read it. If you still feel the same way, send it. If, in the light of a new day, you feel what you wrote is too strong, rewrite it and set it aside until the next day. Then read it, and if it's what you want to express, send it.

          Seeing as you didn't get any information from the Chessy's owner, you might call area vets and let them know if they have a Chessy patient that was attacked by a pit bull in a pet store, and the owner needs a witness for legal action, you saw the whole thing, and give them contact information to pass on to the owner.

          You can also call animal control and tell them the same thing. It's possible the Chessy's owner called animal control, and they might appreciate having a witness to the incident.

          Other than that, I'd find a new store to patronize, even if it means switching brands of dog food.

          If she makes negative comments about the pit bull, try to redirect her. "Yes, some dogs are naughty, and should be kept away from other dogs. But did you notice how nice the other one was?"


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            I forgot one thing. Let your daughter "write" a letter too. Even if it means she tells you what to write, and you do the writing. And I'd go ahead and send that one.


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              I'm going to respond to this after I have a little time to let it all sink in. I'm steaming just hearing the reaction of the employees and the pit's owner. Have to think a little before I speak. Just wanted to say I'm sorry you and your daughter had to go through a terrifying experience like that.
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                You did the right thing!

                It seems to me you handled things pretty well.

                You were right to take chage of the situation. I hope the chessy owner took their dog to the vet like you suggested.

                I hope you and your daughter are ok. This may be difficult but at some point it can be a learning experience for her. To be cautious but hopefully not afraid.

                Just talking, what exactly does that mean.

                If the store owner wants you out so bad, I guess you will have to find a new store to shop in.

                Best wishes.



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                  Yikes!! Sorry you had to go thru such a bad experience. when people are faced with an unexpected situation, they might step out of character but that's just the way you have to react. I think holding back your feelings would have made you feel 10x worse. don't feel bad for reacting like that, you had every right to. the owners of the store didn't want to make a big deal about it because they prob thought it would look bad on them. But this is real life, and you need to react to real life, no matter if your in a store or not. You'll calm down after a while, that's a big deal to get over. Just relax and comfort your daughter, she's safe and that's the most important.


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                    Responsible pit owners know what a breaking stick is and how to use it. A breaking stick is a length of hardwood that's used to pry the jaws open in situations like this.

                    Everyone involved was very lucky. I hope someone got the pit owners name and license plate number, called the cops and reported it. The store owner might also be liable for medical bills, etc. They're irresponsible and I'd take my business elsewhere.


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                      You did the right thing. I probably would have done the same thing except I'd probably have Knocked the Pitt unconscious. Also I'm glad you daughter wasn't hurt. I personally have never been attacked. I'm glad you were there to help and I hope the owner of the Chessy does go to the vet's and goes to the police about the Pittbull. I probably would have Disobeye3d the Store owner and called the Police.


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                        Its Over now...

                        Phew, okay, take a deep breath. Its all over even though it doesnt feel like it, whats done is done. Yes you did do the right thing, because apparently you were the most qualified person in that store to handle the problem. ANY dog (not just pits) who is dog agressive and isnt dealt with properly is a loaded gun waiting to drop. The owner apparently knew of his dogs behavoir, and wrote it off as "hes talking", so no-one would make an issue about it. Sounds like the kind of person that gets a Pit so they look tough, go figure.
                        If you didnt try to remove the pit, he probably would have gotten all the way through the victims dog throat and would have died before the owners had a chance to go to a vet, you saved that dogs life.
                        Yes, it seems like no matter what you do, you can't get a pit to pry off. Their front teeth (like many omnivores) are made to rip and tear, and have quite a good grip. Ive read somewhere to take a handle of a broom (or similiar) and stick it in the mouth of the dog so its biting on the stick instead of the victim, but i havent seen it in practice. You did the best thing you could have with what you had, plus you were being a mom and protecting your daughter at the same time as well as the victim dog.
                        I hope the dog lives and the owners press charges and the store owner could get into deep dodo also for reccomending against vet care, any true animal lover would be looking up the phone # for the nearest vet and tell them what to expect.
                        Write down everything you can remember, as well as your husband, have a witness sign it and notarize it. I dont mean to scare you but we live in a lawsuit happy world and I dont want the idiot Pit owner to sue you for something that was his fault.
                        You did the responsible and correct thing because usually your first reaction is the right one and we groomers know dogs better than non-animal people think we do, drink a mug of green tea, take a deep breath and start working with your daughter to make sure she doesnt let this incident affect her feelings on dogs, cause I was a little girl when I got bit, and I didnt get over it until a year into college. You know her better than I do, try to get some good out of it and teach her something from what she saw.
                        Don't go back to that store again, they don't deserve the business.
                        -My 2 Cookies-


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                          I had a Pit that attacked another animal, I tried everything that is said to make a Pit release it's grip. Nothing worked. My dad actually had to shoot my dog. I was upset but at the same time I wasn't because I had an appointment to have him euthanized for attacking my cat. I got him from my sister and her and her boyfriend neglected to tell me that they trained him to attack and didn't train him with a release command.

                          I would have done the same thing as you. I would have freaked out on the owners. But being me I probably would have said something after I heard the dog growl a couple times. You did a good job. The owner of the store needed to be yelling at the lady with the Pits. Should ban her from life from that store. What you really should do is contact animal control and the humane society about the attack and tell them that the owner of the store tried to convince the owner of the Ches. not to get medical treatment. That will truly piss of the case workers. The owner of that store will be questioned. By law every attack by a dog has to be reported and that dog that was the attacker needs to be quarantined. You did the right thing though.


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                            Well, sorry about the whole ordeal, but my daughter would have been at my side when I heard the dog growl or when there was that many dogs in a store that you discribed as being so small. A small child could make eye contact with the wrong dog, like the chessy may have, and as you already realize it could have been your child.

                            The shop people I feel were being irresponcible, and the chessy owner should have had backbone and stepped up himself. It doesn't sound like it was a good situation all the way around, with the shop being small and having that many large dogs in it at one time, not to mention having a small child among them all.


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                              Thanks to all of you guys. I guess you just never know what can happen. My daughter seems better. She's watching Power Rangers...go figure. I think they help make her feel empowered. I say, go for it baby!! She keeps telling me how worried she is and I told her that the dog was going to the doctor to get fixed up. I'll probably sleep with her tonight, more for my sake than hers.

                              I am a writer by habit Helly. I tend to do a lot of what you suggest in my corporate job. I don't send a lot of those after reading them day 2, lol, but great suggestion. That has always helped to calm me down and rationalize things. I'll tell you, tonight I was not a rational human being. I went off!!!

                              Tomorrow, hopefully without emotion and adrenaline I will call or stop in at the store and explain my side of the story. I must admit that I assumed the people behind the counter were the owners but they could have been employees. I think if that's the case, they need a catastrophe plan. Anyway, I hope to get the Chessy owners info and will call her to follow up.

                              I just can't believe how much of an emotional wreck I am right now. I had to euthanize one of my own dogs for aggression as he kept attacking another dog in the house. I worked with trainers and behaviorists for 7 years and he was stable for most of that time but at the end, his attacks were more frequent and completely unprovoked. My daughter was 4 at the time. Couldn't risk her being in the middle of an attack.

                              Shortly after putting him down, I find out the dog he was attacking had lymphoma. A behaviorist I was working with suggested getting that dog medically tested as it could be a sign of him preying on the weak one. I did get him tested but nothing showed up in his blood work. I was devastated that not only did I euthanize one but I would lose the other in a very short time.

                              I guess tonight brings back the memory of that sickening dog fight sound and the ultimate result. Only I could get my aggressive Shepherd off the other dog by pulling him by the tail. Felt like the Crocodile Hunter most of the time. Still freaked out by the powerful jaws of that pitbull.

                              Thanks again everyone...don't know when or if sleep will come tonight.