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Help with Client Dog Behaviour Issues

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  • Help with Client Dog Behaviour Issues

    Client has a cockapoo and apparently it bites the owner without provocation. Dog will just have a fit and bite her hands all over and rage.

    There are certain things that set the dog off like if you pet his head wrong or if you try to take something away from him that he's holding in his mouth. They have tried training him with three different trainers including a behaviourist but nothing has helped and the owners are very dedicated.

    Funny thing is, the dog hasn't even tried to bite me while I groom or bathe him. He falls asleep on the table!

    The dog seems healthy. The bloodwork results will be coming in soon to see if it is thyroid related but the vet doesn't think so.

    My theory is that the owner talks in a very high pitched baby voice all the time to the dog. I think the dog just doesn't respect her which could also explain why the dog doesn't try to bite me--I would never use baby talk to a dominant dog but then again I have only groomed this dog twice so perhaps he's just ticking time bomb who knows.

    Does this dog sound like a problem dog? It is only a year old and it's behaviour seems to be getting worse.

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    Oh my!

    I think that it sounds like the owners may be at fault. I wonder if the trainers or the dog behaviorist took into account the owners actions or tried to train the owner? You know the porper way to work with dogs and send it the proper signals.

    The other thought is that it sounds like the agression starts when doing things around the dogs head? Maybe there is some kind of ear, tooth or eye issues?

    I hope that the owners are able to figure out what is causing this poor little dogs aggression issues. I hope that you will keep us posted on its progress.


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      You know, I think it is the owner. I have this older lady (70's) that brings in her yorkie to me every 3 weeks. Well, the dog bites her, she says. The dog has tried to nip at me when I hit a tangle, but who's to blame her? That hurts! But this same lady gets up in Spike's face when I'm holding him, and he snaps at her---and he doesn't snap at ANYBODY except tiny kids who try to pull his hair, and people like this woman.

      I think they are just a little too hard for the dog to handle. THis lady is kind of heavy handed, she's not a gentle loving thing, just a bit gruff.

      Tammy in Utah
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        I agree, I think it's the owner. The dog doesn't get any real leadership, and it doesn't respect her. If the people aren't going to take on the role of leader, Mr. Dog is going to take the job.

        I'd suggest "Nothing in Life is Free" and stop talking to the dog like it's a baby. In fact, stop talking to the dog at all for a few days. Use body language, hand signals.