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    One of my cutomers who's dog died last year, found a new Schnauzer. It's from a dog auction saved by an animal clinic in Holland Mich. I NEVER heard of dog auctions before!!!
    Anyway this dog was a breeder at a puppy mill and she is 5 yrs old, looks like 9yrs to me. She has maybe catracts in her eyes and a pot bellie..maybe cushings.She has flat feet from sitting in a cage all her life, scared to come out of the have to drag her out. Pees all over my table but she has a sweet temperment. Poor little dog.
    She has a great home now if she can settle down and enjoy it for the rest of her life.

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    I've never heard of an actual dog only auction but I have seen auctions that sell dogs along with other livestock. It makes me so mad to see that. Some people have no clue and dont care.


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      i did a peke about 3 months ago horrible dog owner said hes only 3 but looks more like 10,he said he got the dog from a auction,


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        I've heard of them, but I don't know a whole lot about them. From what I understand, puppy millers/"commercial kennels" send all their non-productive, sick and imjured dogs there to sell. And will buy younger dogs from there to breed. I guess whole litters and young pups are sold here too.

        I had read an article online a while back and remember the auctioneer saying the dog harldy had any teeth left, but puppies don't come from her mouth, she is still breedable...something along those lines.

        I guess rescues will go and try to save what they can from certain auctions. I don't know how that all works...if they are buying these dogs, aren't they giving the miller $ to buy more dogs to breed?
        Also what I don't understand is, if these people are bringing sickly and/or injured dogs to the auctions...does the SPCA frequent these auctions and bring cruelty charges on the millers and try to shut them down?


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          Never heard of dog auctions before. There used to be a woman who sold her puppy mill pups at a local flea market though. It was a sad sight. They finally managed to shut her down, thank god.


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            Here's a link....

            Hope it works.

  's disturbing.

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              omg, how sad. what a cruel world we live in...I wish sometimes they would just make it illegal to sell dogs period. that would stop all this..a breeder told me the other day that for some reason shes had alot of asian desent people wanting to buy red st poodles. They say their fur makes nice coats! I WAS LIKE OMG!! she didn't sell anything to them. t/g


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                I just went on the prisonersofgreed site. Hard to watch and hard to read. I'd like to show this to all the people that want to buy pups from pet stores or "save" them from the puppy millers directly. It disturbs me that there are people that have no problem keeping animals this way. It's sadistic.


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                  Originally posted by misscatahoula View Post
                  I just went on the prisonersofgreed site. Hard to watch and hard to read.
                  It IS horrible. I contemplated NOT posting the link because of it, but I'm kind of surprised at how little we "the professional dog community" knew about it.

                  We, of all people, should know so we can be pro-active and educate others.

                  It reminds me of the story where the little boy is throwing beached starfish back into the ocean. When a man asked him "Why bother? There are thousands of them and you'll never save them all. It won't matter." The little boy threw another starfish into the ocean and said "It matters to THAT one".

                  I am not affiliated with Prisoners of Greed, but I appreciate their passion and dedication. If we each do a little, we can achieve a lot.


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                    Hang on a minute our Humane Society does a dog auction once a year, to raise money for their kennel. All of the bidders have to be pre-qualified to adopt, but they raised $3000 for one cute little pup for their shelter. I don't see anything wrong with this. A vet tech had 5 puppies she was fostering for this shelter and I was thinking about getting one but the one I like was going to be this years auction puppy. I think it is ok as long as they are not doing it on a frequent basis, as to incourage making a profit. But to raise money for a much needed cause is A-OK in my book. And that is probably what the little schnauzer was right? Or was it really from a puppy mill auction? If so how appalling and horrible those people are. I recently went to a dog show in Canton, which is a huge flea market town, and they had a street dedicated to selling puppies, called Dog Alley and it was sickening to me. All of these wooden shacks advertising yorkies and maltese.etc It was closed when we drove by. But I imagine it is a wretched place.
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                        Dog Auctions

                        Dog auctions are appalling! (Of course, not including the auction that Poodle fluff mentioned) I am also very surprised that so many people in the pet industry are actually unaware of dog auctions and the horror that goes with them. It's so surprising that these types of things actually take place in the U.S. I think that the more information that we in the pet industry can share with others about this atrocity, the sooner that we can help to bring an end to this type of animal cruelty.