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  • OMG high school Exams

    I know this is a Far Field from grooming but I am in the First exams of this year (next set are in June). I have had little sleep in 3 days and my first exam is Tomorrow and then I have 2 more this week. English on the 24th and Science on the 25th. I feel dead, lol. I am only about half done a Booklet that must be handed in tomorrow . I hate exams but this year I feel Stressed and tired more than usual. This is my second last year and my teachers are not letting up. Worse, I was in and out of the doctors in September and that has but me behind in English and now I have to stay on the 24 to finish more work to catch up. So, today is my last day to finish my boolet and it looks like I'll be going to school tomorrow without sleep AGAIN!

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    Try to get enough rest and good luck!


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      Yuck. Rest up and good luck! You'll be off to the real world soon...


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        Good luck with your exams. You can rest up afterwards.


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          Aww, exams are never fun, luckly it will be over with soon enough. Try to get some rest, alot of times even if you are cramming stuff in your head without the rest you can't properly use it.

          Try not to stress out too much, maybe get yourself a massage when it's all done! Good luck!!


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            Well tommorrow is my first of 2 the 2nd is on thursday. Then hopefully, my friends and I can have a Party


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              Yikes, flashback. Hope you do well!