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    Hey all take a look at the puppy our family is fostering. He was dumped at the humane sociaty right after christmas with 10 other puppy's of various sizes and ages we guess and the guy says oh by the way this one was hit by a car.

    well he has 3 broken legs and a hernia but he has the best outlook on life and is the happiest little boy. we named him Mugsy cause it sounded like a mobster name with the broken legs and all.

    I am guessing he is a beagle/shepard mix but no one knows for sure.
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    Too Cute!

    Oh my! He is too cute! That is so nice of you to give him a foster home. He has been through so much. I hope that he gets the loving home that he deserves!


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      Mugsy is muggin for the camera...what a lil cutie. I couldn't foster pups because I would want to keep em all, Bless your heart!
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        He's adorable.

        I'm going to say JRT/Rottie


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          I don't know how some people can live with themselves...

          What an adorable face! Are you sure your family is going to be able to give her up eventually? She's awfully cute!


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            I have a feeling my sister in law is going to keep him. I tell you he howls just like a beagle does but has the markings of a shepard. the other pups that came in with him don't look like him at all that is why we think they are different litters.

            here is another pic of the cutie. we actually set up a fund at the bank for his medical bills they are extensive already he may need surgery on his back leg after he has grown at least that is what the orthopedic vet said.
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              AWW. He is so cute. Looks like a happy little bugger.
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                Oh my goodness what a little charmer. I think I would end up changing his title from foster to also would have a hard time being a foster. I would end up keeping them all and that would defeat the
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                  Very Cute. I don't think that I could foster as I don't have enough room to keep them all and besides that I'm a big baby and would cry buckets when we would have to give them to new mommies and daddies
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