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Moving AGAIN!

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  • Moving AGAIN!

    In the past year I've moved twice already, and I'm preparing to do it again. Lets hope this place works out better. I ended up here through a series of events, trusting people I shouldn't have, etc, etc. Its kind of funny, its one of those things where you think everything is going wrong but it works out in your favor in the end.

    The same thing happened when I was living in Philadelphia, I wasn't making enough money to pay my rent, and my apartment flooded whenever it rained heavily. I was stressed out, but in the end I was able to break my lease instead of rely on my parents to help with the over priced rent for a year.

    Now, I moved here, and got kind of stuck by rushing myself and going with the first thing that came along. I didn't like the area too much and had no job, two days before I was going to give up, find someone to sublease my room, and move back to my parents house, I got an e-mail about a job. Long story short, I like the job so much I'm staying here, and I'm getting out of THIS lease after some issues with my roommates (college students) excessive drinking.

    I'm excited to have my own place again, unfortunately it won't be ready until February 6th! So if you stop seeing me for a while around then, it probably has to do with me setting up my internet.

    I guess its sort of ironic how things can turn around like that, once I'm moved in, I'll probably be happier than I have been in a looong time!

    Now I just need to find some cheap furniture because I didn't bring any with me when I moved! (Saving $$$ by not renting a u-haul)

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    Cheap furniture? Try in the city you're moving to and I'm sure you can furnish the entire place for next to nothing! Joining the local group could also prove benefitial. Good luck!


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      Pamperedpups, great minds think alike, I've been scouring craigslist, but I haven't bought anything because until the 6th I have nowhere to keep it. Literally everything I own is crammed into an 8x8 bedroom. Even my dishes, pots, and pans because I got tired of my roommates leaving dishes in the sink for 2+ weeks without washing them, burning food and scratching up my pots to get it out, and stuff like that...Woe is me. lol


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        Maggy, so sorry to hear of your rough luck. I'm glad though that things seem to be working out. Is it a grooming job you got? Roomates are no fun, even when you're married to them, it's not much better.
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          Good Luck!

          Yup, as mentioned, Craigslist is great for inexpensive finds. I hope that everything works out great for you!


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            Yes, I'm grooming at a vets office/boarding kennel, it pays well and I get along great with my coworkers and bosses.


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              So glad things are looking up for you. I know you had it rough there. For some cheep furnishings you could try Target, Wal Mart, and Ikea is good. Good luck.
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