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    A Jack Russel came into my work a couple days ago for boarding. Like so many other Jacks, this one hates other dogs and she will try to attack them any chance she gets. She has bitten 2 kids that the current owner knows of. This poor dog has been adopted and returned from No More Homeless Pets 4 times. Well she was just adopted for the 5th time. She's a typical Jack. Hyper, yappy, full of energy and very bouncy. She wasn't properly trained or socialized from her attitude. I feel bad for this poor little girl. Her owner now says that she's going to keep her no matter what, but I'm waiting for the day she brings her back to NMHP. Like I've said so many times. People need to research a breed and talk to "dog" people about a breed before they buy it or adopt it. Some people think that a Jack is so cute and then they get it home, and it's a nutcase.

    Like the guy that lives by me. He came home from the food store with a new puppy. Someone had a box of puppies in front of the store. Pits. He was so excited to have a Pit Bull. Then he found out how they like to chew on things. A couple months went past and then my boyfriend saw him walking a different dog. So he asked about the Pit. He said that it turned out to be a pure bred instead of a mix breed and he didn't want to take the chance with a pure Pit. Total lie. The owner probably had enough with the chewing because he stated the fact that his new puppy doesn't chew on anything. Wire Fox Terrier.. He's a cutie.. But needs a grooming. Every time I'm out there when he's out there, we both are walking dogs and his tries to be a big dog and "attack". Terriers, gotta love em..

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    He got rid of a Pit and got a nice quite, well mannered, non chewing Wire Fox Terrier. I wonder how long this puppy will last. Doesn't he realize ALL puppies chew.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      Lol.. I know... Not a smart guy.. At least he didn't get a Rottie.... LOL... He'd have 3 years of chewing.....


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        Someone I know got an unregistered, over-sized Chihuahua pup with an underbite (that they plan to breed) before Christmas, then a big mutt pup shortly after the holidays. These people kept the mutt until it was about 12 weeks old before deciding it "wouldn't make a huntin' dog," so they rehomed it and are now on the search for ANOTHER PUP... a Visla. Juding by the quality of their Chi, I can only imagine what they'll show up with!


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          Originally posted by Pixie View Post
          He got rid of a Pit and got a nice quite, well mannered, non chewing Wire Fox Terrier. I wonder how long this puppy will last. Doesn't he realize ALL puppies chew.
          someone my hubby used to work with him and wife got choc. lab pup. wife wanted the dog. 3 weeks later when pup was 12 weeks old she demanded he get rid of it becuase it kept chewing on her.
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            Well, talk about nutty reasons to rehome a pup, and things that don't make sense...let me tell you about Izi.

            He comes from a breeder that at first glance appears to have a pretty good, responsible breeding program. His father and mother are both champions, and his pedigree is pretty impressive. He's obviously been well socialized and cared for. All vaccinations are up to date, he's had regular veterinary care during his short life.

            So Monday morning his breeder walks into her vet's office, hands him over to the receptionist and says "Find him a home", gives her all his medical records, and walks out! Why? Because he has a bad bite.

            This makes NO sense to me. She couldn't place him in a pet home herself? She doesn't care what happens to him, or what sort of home he gets? As someone who did some breeding and showing years ago, this just doesn't make sense. I don't get it.

            The really dumb thing? She included a business card in his paperwork. Does she think any of us are going to recommend her as a breeder? I know I certainly won't. In fact, I'll discourage anyone from doing business with her.

            But I love my little Izi pup. He's a little devil, but I love him.


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              How do they do it?

              I don't know how some people who claim to be animal lovers can so casually adopt pets and then "dispose of" them like that. It's so sad that pets are so disposable to some.


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                I have a JRT, people who know this breed say he is an angel JRT, but I know that he is a regular one with proper training.
                I love my dog so I say no to him and train him hard. I can't understand why people allow their dogs to do everything just because they love their dogs, and then either they give the dogs away or the dogs run away or/and died in accidents.
                What a sad topie for a JRT lover.. a dog lover...