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Uhhgg.. shouldn't have read the classifieds!

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  • Uhhgg.. shouldn't have read the classifieds!

    There are Great Pyrenees puppies listed! I won't be going to look at them since I'll be heading down to Kentucky for 6 weeks.. but now I don't know what breed to get.

    As a kid I've always wanted a Pyr.. but then I wanted Bernese Mountain Dogs...which breed should I get?

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    ummm neither! To much hair and slobber to keep up with!

    Although if I had to choose I would go with the Berner. Pretty color and doesnt show dirt that much, and sometimes smaller

    I have promised myself that when my beloved 13 yr old toy poodle leaves me that Im not getting another dog that I have to groom. Greyhounds all the way baby!



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      We used to have a Pyr and I groom a couple Bernies. Personally the Bernies win hands down with me. I can't honestly think of anything really bad about Magnum but I don't think I'd want another one either.



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        The Bernese we have kenneled and groomed have very nice personalty's.
        But the Pyrn's are much more suspicious of strangers and harder to groom.
        I think the bern's are the prettiest, But I'm with diemonster, Wash N Wear, no more grooming when I get home.


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          I like the bernies but If I was going to get a dog that big hands down it would be a Newfi. I groom several and they are all just awesome, great personalities, loving and COOPERATIVE thats what did it for me
          "Whoever Said That Money Can't Buy Happiness Forgot About Puppies"


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            I too say neither. Way too much hair. Get an Am. Staff.
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              I love big slobbery dogs...not sure if I would want to live with one tho! lol
              I'm with Plush on the Newfie.

              But, if I had to choose between a Pyr and a Bern...I think it would be a Bern. A little less hair and they are not WHITE! I will never again own another white dog!


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                I would also pick a Bernese over a Pyr.


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                  Wow, thanks guys! I knew the Berner was THE dog for me, but seeing that classified ad just brought up the old want for the Pyr.

                  I was looking around yesterday, and there's a breed called the Leonberger..they sound awesome too *sigh* But they're bigger than the Berner, and I think the Berner is big enough So I'll stick with the Berner.

                  I have lots more to do before getting any puppy though, so I'll just concentrate on getting through school, starting a business, building a client base..then I can think about a puppy! hehe


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                    I think I'd prefer a Berner over either the Pyr or Newfies. But I'd also prefer a Swissie over the Berner. Less hair. Much less hair.


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                      I'm like most on here, I prefer the Berner. I really don't know much about either one, except I like the looks of the Berner over the looks of the Pyr..
                      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                        I would choose a bernese too. That's just my preference though. good luck!