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  • New from Missouri

    Hi, I just want to introduce myself. I am a, 46 year old female, wanna be groomer who loves animals. I have just retired from social work and I'm ready for a change. My hubby and I live on a large farm and our kids and grandkids show cattle and goats. I have experience clipping and fitting these animals for the shows and hope that some of my experience will help me in my new career. My biggest problem is finding a school or groomer willing to train me. Since I live in a very rural area my only choice is to travel 100 miles for hands on training. I am hoping that within the next few months I will be on my way. I love this website and all the wonderful ideas that groomers post. Keep up the great work...and ...Thanks so much....

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    I suggest videos , volunteer and go to dog shows trade shows. Yrs. ago now I went to Hershey, Pa. show met other groomers John Stazko Mario DeFante.still use tricks they taught. also 2 day seminars when they came to SF bay area. also a good grooming how to book you can find from pet groomers info this catagory. Don;t know if I can say Title. Groomer I am self taught now thirty yrs wow can;t believe I stuck to one job this long. Own my mobile van.Will work pt in a shop this yr. hate crazy drivers. Still mobile a yr more or so.Stiff but still at it! You can do it Jane.


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      Welcome KantScareMe!!! Where are you from in MO? My family is from there and I was born in Mexico MO. My mothers family is from that town!! I also have family in Thompson, St. Louis, and Montgomery. Are you familiar w/any of these places?

      Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and hope you fufill your dream of being a groomer. Lots of great people and advice on this board. Be careful it can be
      SheilaB from SC


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        I grew up in Crestwood, MO (St. Louis suburb) and still have friends there. I manages to spend several days with them a few years ago when I was driving my new van to CA. Welcome to the board!


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          Welcome! So you show cattle? Have you seen the miniature cattle? Check out my website ) MO is a very pretty state. I just sold 2 cows to people in MO.


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            I ran a fishing resort in Northern Arkansas for 22 yrs. I love that area..its so beautiful!! I suggest videos, trade shows, seminars and get some good grooming books, then go to the Humane Society and offer free grooms. Also check with the vets.


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              Northwest Missouri

              Thank you for the warm welcome and great advice. I live in Northwest Missouri (Princeton) just 10 miles from the Iowa border. My family not only shows cattle but we also raise show cattle. Angie, I love your website and we are somewhat neighbors (lol). I have not had the opportunity to be around miniature cattle but I would the experience. Again, thanks for all the support...keep in touch all...


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                Hello Kantscareme, I think that you will love your new career as a groomer! I'm in the process of switching careers myself. I hope that you are able to find the hands on learning that you are looking for. Best of luck in your new grooming career!


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                  You must be freezin

                  My In Laws just moved up there and are building a home in the Ozarks...It is beautiful, but right now it's COLD!!
                  Welcome to the board and Bundle Up...
                  Making Central Florida Pawsitively Purrfect since 2005.


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                    Welcome, you will love being a groomer. My son raises cattle for 4h.