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  • Not new, but new. :p

    I started on this forum years ago, when I was actively trying to pursue a grooming career by going to school. However I got pregnant and was having a hard time with morning sickness and other things, so I dropped out of school before finishing the first semester. Fast forward to now, where I was hired as a grooming apprentice by a small pet store chain (not sure if I am allowed to list the name or not) to complete a TTA program (Temp to Apprentice) and I am now learning to groom. I am scheduled to "graduate" October 15th, and will be promoted to groomer status. The training is based off of the book "Theory of 5" by Melissa Verplunk (I think that's it) and while it's not the way I intended to go, it is still a start and I am doing what I LOVE.

    However. This is not a certified training program and will not end up getting me certified. Is there anyway I can get certified without entering into a full college program? I would love to be certified but I owe on student loans and cannot get back into the program due to financial reasons.

    Any advice is appreciated. I know most certified groomers will look down on this type of training, but back in the day that is how they all learned.

    I love my job.

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    Particentral's blog has post on certification. I think it is

    It is very misunderstood. In a nutshell any school and give you a certificate and you can say certified by them, but what groomers expect when you say certified is that you voluntarily went to ISCC, IPGI or NDGAA associations and go certified by them, not a school. See or It is OK however you get started as long as you know you have years of learning yet to do after any initial program. So just get started working with some education and get REAL certification from these associations in the years ahead. Otherwise I wouldn't use the term certified.


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      This is great information! I will research this, thank you very much!


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        Happy to help.


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          Saying hi.


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            When I was new I mentioned certification as from a school when I had to clarify and you get that look.


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              Do not confuse "certified" with "qualified".

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