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  • Hello From Knoxville, Tennessee

    Hello I am Crystal. Grooming since 2009. I just started my 2nd grooming business. My first was a house call biz. This one is my dream shop and going well so far. I am currently grooming in my living room while renovations are being done on my soon to be completed shop in the basement. I just launched my website www. please let me know what you all think. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. I hope you all are having a beautiful day! Oh and I love standard poodles! I attached a pic of my crew, the black spoo is my best bitch Piper Prop Chop, Alfie is the little gray and white poodle and Felix, my wash and wear, is a chiwhippet ( chihuahua x whippet). The kitteh is Thomasina, who is emotionally unstable and down to 4 lives. As for me, other than all things canine, I like to travel and play with parachutes.
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    Welcome, Crystal! You will find tons of useful info here.
    I like your website, too (especially the "policies" section, everything is very clearly stated and explained).

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      Welcome Crystal!![emoji252]

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        Well, if grooming skills are any indication of success, you will be booked out far in advance, nice portfolio pixs. I liked your website, seems that everything is covered nicely. Best of luck in your new business and continue to contribute to this site. All of us groomers love pixs of before/after and strange stories that we become entangled in. By-the-way, does your shop have a logo that will become easily recognized on your storefront and business cards ?

        Happy being successful

        Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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