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  • Hi All.

    Good afternoon.

    I guess the best way to introduce myself is to say that I am a motivated Owner~Groomer. I have always had pets. We lost our precious dog, Wags over a year ago, after having had the blessing of having her in our lives for 19 years. I was always motivated to want to learn to groom her, but did not have the time during those years to learn. I tried it a couple of times...mostly scissor work. My girlfriend/groomer of many years, said that I did a nice job for having no experience & looked like I had the aptitude to learn. And as many of us do, I swore when we had to put Wags down almost a 1 1/2 years ago..that was it..I was not ever going to have any pets again (see a blog post from my blog called: Dosing As Much As Tolerated ~ (February 2016 posts)

    But happened again. We have added a darling Shichon (Ivy) to our lives. She has only been groomed once (which sadly, really looked like a chop job). I think that the time for me to learn is now. As with anything new that I want to learn, I am immersing myself in trying to find the best resources and information. I can't afford to go to Grooming School. And since my goal is to be able to groom Ivy only, a grooming school might be overkill. It is very important for me to learn the right (safe) way with the most appropriate tools. I have been reading lots of articles/info from all of you talented groomers.

    If anyone has any specific words of wisdom for the "wanna be" groomer, please share. I value all of the help I can get & am taking lots of notes & watching as many videos as I can find. If you have a particular resource that you found/find helpful, please let me know.
    I hope I am not being overly ambitious here. I was going to attach a picture of Ivy...but apparently that will be another learning curve.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    Added note: I popped back on the board here after posting this morning. I was surprised that 93 people have viewed my post, but there has not been one reply. I am on other non-pet related boards which are very active, so this really surprised me.

    Perhaps I am on the wrong board. Is there a different forum for Owner-Groomers?

    Can I still lurk?
    Sandy (SjoDry)


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      I am confused, you are an owner groomer but you still need to go to grooming school???? Do you mean pet owner groomer, when we see owner groomer it sounds like you mean owner of grooming business. I think we are confused and when I saw your interesting blog, it wasn't about grooming. I think it is just some confusion. You do need school, online school is better than nothing for sure or get an entry level job and learn. Welcome.


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        Oh you are a pet owner with grooming questions, I thought you meant grooming business owner. Learning grooming basics is best done not by books but with an experienced groomer. Some groomers will teach their clients the basics of in between grooming care. Some owner do learn basics with courses like AllAbout Dog Grooming.


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          Oh my goodness...I don't even know the lingo. owner groomer. My blog post was just about saying Goodbye to my dog of many years, and hello to a new family member. Unfortunately, when I saved the moved the placement of the posting further down the page. Without a big explanation, the blog is about an autoimmune illness I have and how pets are therapy for us.

          I appreciate your responses.


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            Pets are surely healing, thanks for making it more clear. You are welcome here anytime. I would like to here more about the healing properties of pets you experienced.


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              Are you going to get new dog?


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                Saying hello!