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  • Very Pleased to Meet You

    Hi all! Hard to believe it took me 54 years to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!
    We acquired a miniature poodle for our daughter 8 years ago, and I decided I would learn to groom him myself. I liked fancier types of styles, and always thought he looked pretty good in spite of my family's comments. Had a belly-full of working retail, and responded to an ad looking for a groomer that said "willing to train the right person" . She was very patient with me, but training is long and slows down the groom. Eight weeks later she found an experienced groomer who needed a job, so fired me. I started researching and discovered I live 20 minutes away from a wonderful hands on school associated with JKL! I loved every minute of my training, Allison is a wonderful teacher! And now everyone agrees that my poodles (yup- like potato chips, can't have just one!) look great.
    I know that just starting out and going straight to opening my own shop is not the recommended route. But at 56 now, I relish the challenge of making it on my own. Finding this board and all you wonderful groomers has been an invaluable resource. Who says nothing of value is free? You are all amazingly generous in sharing your knowledge and experience! Thank you!
    I live just 30 minutes from Hershey -scored my major items there last year- and plan to take as many classes as I can there this year. Also am looking into DVD's. My wonderful husband has been fully supportive and transformed our summerhouse and part of the laundry room into my shop. Every time I walk in there I am blown away by how lucky I am to have finally found something that I love, and to have the means and support to pursue it!
    So here's to all of you wonderful, generous teachers, JKL and the excellent Allison, the groomer who fired me, and the wonderful poodle who started it all! I am blessed.

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    Hi - welcome to the board from another newbie! It took me 49 years to figure it out, so there's more than just one of us....

    Interestingly, I have been advised of just the opposite - to go out on my own as soon as I can, but I am planning on going mobile, maybe that's the difference. Congrats on making it this far and wishing you much continued success! Post some pictures of your work in the "Favorite Groom of the Day" page, everyone will love to see it.


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      Hello and welcome.