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    Hello All!

    I am very interested in becoming a groomer. My aunt used to groom dogs and I watched her and helped with her personal dogs. I started to groom and style my mom's Shih Tzu, such a calm boy, I could move him in any position and he would stay still. I am now wanting to make a career out of grooming and I find its very hard to find a school or groomer to learn with. My aunt is not an option as much as I wish it could've been. I have to work a full time job to pay bills, so a part time school or online school looks the best to me. However, I really want to get your advice. I know I will have to do some type of hands on with a professional groomer at some point, but having a certificate would really help as most places I have called want one. Go figure. So I had originally looked up ABC college and the reviews I read were terrible, that the school was a waste of money and time. We have a school close by me and I again heard terrible reviews, honestly Id rather go to ABC than this school here after reading everything. So I found two online type schools, both require you to send in pictures and detailed information on the cut etc, they give you videos and reading materials to learn with, you have to buy all of your own tools, both places cost roughly the same amount to attend.

    School 1: Basics and Beyond,
    School 2: All About Dog Grooming,

    So to my questions! Thanks for hanging in this far
    Does anyone have experience with these schools?
    Are these a waste of time and money also?
    Where do I go to learn grooming if not any of these?
    How did you all get certified?

    Thank you so much everyone!!

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    I have heard that online schools are next to worthless, and they would never work for me, personally. I am currently training to be a groomer one day a week, and bathing the other days. Really, it's the best option for me because there aren't any grooming schools here, I'm making money while learning, I'm learning at the perfect pace for myself and my mentor, and I am learning by doing which is the best way for me. My favorite thing about this is that I am completely unstressed most of the time. I work in a laid back salon, I'm not expected to groom more dogs than I can handle, and I am always learning. I really don't know how someone could just watch videos and read books and become a groomer, but I'm sure people have done it.

    If I were you, I would find the best salon in town and get a job as a bather, with clear intent to learn to groom. If you don't get the job there, go to the next best, and then on. I am not certified yet, but the steps I will take are to first find a certification dog (I will probably use the same ones the other groomers have used), practice every few weeks on that dog and on other dogs of that breed, and then take my cert. test after my mentor thinks I'm ready. NDGAA certifications are once a year here, so hopefully I'll be ready for the one next year. But I'm not in a huge hurry.


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      Just had a kennel tech mission who would like to investigate grooming ask me about online schools. I asked her if she would go to a hairdresser that went to an online school. The lightbulb went off in over her head. She's been a kennel/boarding kennel worker for about five months when is debating between veterinary technician and groomer. What is the text talk to her, and I talk to her. There's good technical school here In the area and there is an excellent grooming school (Merryfield) within 20 minutes drive. The final decision is hers but when she asked about Online schools I told her I'd never hire anybody from one.


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        Thank you both. I wont use an online school. I will just keep calling all the groomers here and maybe one will take me on as a bather with intent to groom.


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          There is nothing wrong with a good online school to start with. Not everyone can afford grooming school, and financing is rare but some out there. Some champion groomers have created distance learning programs, including GroomTeam USA members. It is a start, and if you see it as such, you will be fine. Even after a school onsite you have YEARS more learning. Just get started and be realistic and know you will need education for some time.


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            If you only get started with online do it. But it should be one where you can call in and talk with teacher, or send pictures for critiques. Once you get basics down you can use Jodi Murphy dvds and streaming at learn2groomdogs and try to go to shows and take all the courses you can.