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  • Hi from England

    I'm a retired Georgia lady living in England at this time. I've been lurking for so long just picking up tips and what professional groomers use for specific grooming problems....
    I have two European Shih Tzu' being a sweet little girl I rescued just last year ....She had all sorts of hair problems from neglect to genetic's. But happily I've grown her out with amazing results I think...but it's still problem hair which I'll ask about in the appropriate topic heading.
    My pride and joy is Pip...magnificent dog. Because I wanted him in long coat but still have a clean head I had to self teach myself how to care for all this hair and do it properly. I've come a long way but my thirst for even more knowledge drives me to learn even more..
    Hope to get to know each of you better as I try not to annoy you with all the wrong newby questions.
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    Welcome and congrats!!
    There are never any wrong questions. We're all always happy to help anyone interested in learning and improving.


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      Welcome!! Nice people here to help you.


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        Welcome, I love Great Britain.


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          Welcome, I love England too!