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  • long time groomer, new to mobile

    I've groomed over 25 years, but recently went to mobile. The money is so much better. My question is about pricing. I'm in Grand Prairie, Tx. Grooms on small dogs, shih Tzu, mini sch, etc is $65. Baths start at $35. I have my prices to be all inclusive, nails, ear cleaning, anal glands, fluff dry, etc. I see where some mobile groomers charge a trip fee, others don't. In charging a trip fee, aren't you actually giving your customers a multiple pet discount ( making less $ )? PRICING: What ballpark prices for large breed dogs? I usually say $80 -$100 for 80# Labs, Huskies, Golden Ret. I don't charge a trip fee. Currently I'm driving all over to get what I can , hopefully when I build my biz up, I will stop that. I try to keep it within 30 minutes.

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    Make it simple, when you do a trip charge, then things get a minimum charge (for 20lb dogs or less), then up your price for 20-30lbs, etc....... I think clients have a good argument when you do a trip charge......what if you are grooming a dog next door, and charge that customer a trip charge,..... what bases do you have to charge another trip charge to the second client when you didn't have to travel? Check out my website and others to get an idea on how we break down the charges...then tweak it to fit your business. Also, I charge $75 on a Shih Tzu if its a full groom or just a bath, because it takes me just as long to do a tidy trim (around feet, hocks, head, front legs ears and tail) than it does on an all over snap on blade.....making it simple for the clients by always charging the same price regardless what the client is requesting, (full groom or just a bath).

    Happy going mobile

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